About Our Lice Treatment Solutions

At DeLiceful, we provide safe, comfortable lice treatments in a relaxing salon atmosphere. Our guaranteed step-by-step service ensures that lice have no chance!

The DeLiceful Treatment Process:

1. DeLiceful Mousse Treatment
The first step of our process is the application of our all-natural, non-toxic enzyme based DeLiceful’s Mousse Treatment.  This product targets live lice and readies the hair for our next step.
2. Comb, Comb, Comb:
After the enzymes have been given time to take effect, we begin our technique of strand-by-strand lice removal. Utilizing special nit combs designed to thoroughly target the smallest egg, we comb through the entire head until lice: nits and louse (bugs) are no longer visible.
3. Lice Inspection:
After combing, we blow dry the hair, then check the entire head, every single strand of hair. Paper thin sections of hair are separated for close inspection under magnification. At this time, if any remaining lice, louse or nits are detected, we manually remove the offending pests.
4. Salon Finish:
Once the manual nit removal process is complete, we apply another round of the DeLiceful’s Mousse Treatment.  We comb short hair or put long hair into a bun. 

After Treatment:

After your visit to DeLiceful’s lice treatment salon, parents/guardians are responsible for washing the final application of the DeLiceful’s Mousse Treatment out of the hair. This should be done 2-8 hours after our treatment, or prior to sleep or swimming. Wash hair thoroughly with regular shampoo and dry as normal.

For the next week, we recommend using DeLiceful’s organic anti-lice shampoo every day during your normal bathing routine. Our shampoo is available at our salons, or online in our products section. Clients are required to re-visit DeLiceful for a complimentary re-check to ensure that our service eliminated the lice completely, approximately 3 to 7 days after the initial treatment.

Tips For Preventing The
Transfer of Head Lice

DeLiceful recommends that all family members should be checked for lice. Chances are, if one member of your family has lice, someone else might too. At all times when lice is a problem in your home follow these tips to prevent lice transfer between family members:

Avoid Sharing- Hair care items, towels, bedding, clothing, hats and headgear should not be shared by family members or friends during a lice outbreak.
Wash Hair Care Utensils- Combs, brushes and similar items should be thoroughly cleaned in hot, soapy water
Clothing & Bedding- Recently worn clothing and bedding should be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes before being used again.