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Treating Head Lice… The Right Way

You got the call. You saw the nits. You started research. And now you need to decide how are you going to get rid of this head lice, fast.

The first step I tell all of my Deliceful clients is: DO NOT PANIC

Head lice may show up at your door step unannounced but that does not mean you need to put out the welcome mat. And you certainly don’t need to stress out.

The second step is: DO NOT BE EMBARASSED

There is nothing to be embarrassed about when head lice strikes.  Everyone is susceptible to getting head lice and it is no reflection on how clean you are as a person. Supermodel Heidi Klum recently went on national television and told the world (and Ellen DeGenneres) about her latest incident with lice.

The third step is to find a reputable lice treatment company – just like DeLiceful.

When you come to a DeLiceful lice treatment salon, you are going to a state-of-the-art, child friendly treatment center.  At DeLiceful we have salon chairs that adjust and are precisely situated under LED lighting.  We provide children with iPads, movies, munchies & much more.  The DeLiceful environment is so much better than treating a case of head lice at your kitchen table, while the telephone is ringing and the doorbell is buzzing, and dinner is cooking on the stove.

Find a company that has the following key points:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Flat rates
  • Uses non-toxic products – all pesticide free
  • Uses a strand-by-strand method of checking AFTER the initial comb-out
  • Provides FREE recheck appointments

Our friendly staff is trained in the removal of head lice, and perform a strand-by-strand head lice removal method. Choosing a professional lice removal service can take care of the problem and help educate parents on how to prevent re-infestation. When clients leave our DeLiceful head lice treatment salon, they can rest easier knowing that we have done everything possible to ensure they are lice and nit free. We make a scary situation DeLiceful!

To learn more about how to get rid of lice or how to properly treat a head lice infestation, call DeLiceful at 516-590-7888 or visit our website at