I can ONLY say the most positive things about my experience!  I came in on a rainy Thursday night with 2 cranky kids to find out we all had lice!  We were embarrassed and upset, but the girls at DeLiceful calmed us down and talked us through everything.  My son was super picky, but yet the one young lady sat there and worked with him every step of the way!  I couldn’t of been any happier with the service and attitude that the staff at DeLiceful expressed.  I would highly recommend any family to come to DeLiceful and have a professional lice treatment.

Kristina of Nesconset
January 24, 2019

Susan was excellent!  She made a scary situation much more pleasant!  She was so great with my son.  We never had lice before and didn’t know what to do.  Susan got rid of everything and took care of it all.  Thank you, DeLiceful!!!
JoAnn of New Hyde Park
December 28, 2018

Ho…  Ho… Ho!  My kids have lice!  I saved myself the time and aggravation of trying to treat them on my own.  I called DeLiceful immediately since I have them on speed dial.  They are fantastic.  This is my 3rd time taking my kids to their cute salon.  Each year, around this time, my kids get lice.  Thank God for DeLiceful or else they would spread it to everyone else on Christmas.  I highly recommend DeLiceful.  Merry Christmas to the staff at DeLiceful for taking the lice out of my kids’ head and putting me in a “merry” mood.
Kristen of Center Moriches
December 17, 2018

Back to school, means getting a call from the school nurse that your kid has lice.  Yes, the 1st day of school, I received that dreaded call.  But the part that grossed me out was that my daughter was infested and probably had lice for a good part of the summer.  I’m sorry, Moms, but I sent her to camp with lice but I did not know!  The school highly recommended DeLiceful.  I called immediately and they got me in.  The staff was amazing and extremely thorough.  My daughter had tons and tons of baby bugs.  I couldn’t believe what was coming off her head.  I can’t thank Kathy and her staff enough for treating my daughter and I with such patience and care.  We left DeLiceful LICE FREE.   I highly recommend DeLiceful to everyone!  Especially all my friends and family that my daughter was in contact with.

Wendy of Massapequa
September 6, 2018

A couple of weeks ago my kids got lice at camp along with half their bunk. My friends went to DeLiceful…. me, I went to another lice company that used a totally different method to get rid of lice. Now 2 weeks later, my kids still have it. I thought it was gone but they still had nits in their heads. I got smart and went to DeLiceful, like my friends told me. They were amazing! So friendly and knowledgeable. I finally feel like this lice disaster is behind us. Plus I can bring them back for FREE for 30 days to get checked. Now…. that’s peace of mind.
Mindy of Merrick
August 8, 2018

My kids have had lice several times, and each time I go to DeLiceful.  Amazing company with fantastic customer service and knowledge.
Eddie of Kings Point
June 30, 2018

DeLiceful rocks!  Cailey made a really negative and upsetting situation, bearable and eliminated the problem.  What a weight off my shoulders.  Thank you, Cailey!  You are kind and a true professional.  We will be recommending you and DeLiceful to anyone we hear with lice issues.  Thanks for making our scary situation all better.  Love you!  xoxox
June 25, 2018

Beyond disgusted by a place in the town of Great Neck that I won’t mention the name.  They did one process to treat my daughter, THEN told me I had to go home and wash it out and THEN come back so they can use the heat machine on her.  I’m was totally disgusted and called DeLiceful while sitting there.  I got an appointment the same day for my other 3 kids.  I didn’t even come back to finish the 2nd portion of the treatment.  Go to DeLiceful!  What a class business that has a bathroom to use and has AC….  LOL!  Can you imagine, no bathroom and AC?  Plus I had to go home to wash this stuff out because they don’t do that???  What was I thinking?!  So happy I decided to go to DeLiceful with the rest of my kids.
Mikayla of Glen Head
June 20, 2018

Do your research if you are searching for a professional lice remover who is honest and doesn’t take advantage of you.  I spent countless hours reading various websites of different companies.  First of all, I can’t believe one company actually puts on their website that you MUST tip 15% to 20%…  that’s insane!  DeLiceful charges a flat fee and the nice lady, Maria that treated us didn’t even expect a tip, but she worked so hard that I did give her a couple of dollars.  Not 20% like another company says you should tip if you use their services, and obviously I didn’t because of that.  It realty irked me to see that.  Thank you, DeLiceful for being a honest business and not one looking to take advantage of the customer in a time of need.

Grace of Setauket
June 3, 2018 

The last time my daughter had lice I went to a place that definitely was NOTHING like DeLiceful.  So glad I decided this time around to come to DeLiceful.  What an amazing experience for a shitty situation.  They do live up to their name DeLiceful because everything about their business was delightful.  They made having bugs in our hair a pleasant experience.  Very much worth the money.  The experience and satisfaction that we are lice free was priceless.  You obviously are scratching your head looking right now where to go to get rid of your lice; just call DeLiceful and you will be extremely happy.
Patricia of Brookville
June 1st, 2018

Great place…  unbelievable service….  thank God for DeLiceful we are now lice free.  I would totally recommend DeLiceful to anyone who has a head lice problem.  The DeLiceful employees are very knowledgeable and calming.  Their place in Floral Park is so cute and CLEAN.   We left lice free in a couple of hours plus I can come back as many times as I want in 30 days to get checked!  I’m so nervous about getting lice again…  I will be back and it will be FREE to check me.  I will be a regular at DeLiceful.  Thanks, ladies for making a “scary situation purely DeLiceful”.

Monica of Great Neck
May 30, 2018

I was going to take my 6 yr old to this new lice place that opened up by my house that uses a heat device to remove lice.  So glad I didn’t after hearing complaints from a friend that went.  So glad I went with my gut and brought my daughter to DeLiceful.  DeLiceful was so thorough and experienced.  They removed every single nit and bug from my daughter’s hair.  My friend that went to this “other place” still had nits in her daughter’s hair after spending lots of money.  Needless to say, she just booked an appointment with DeLiceful.  Next time she said she will listen to my “gut” and come to DeLiceful first.  Thanks for making my daughter lice free, doing it the right way, the first time….  thanks DeLiceful.
Jackie of Syosset
January 25, 2018

My child’s school nurse recommended DeLiceful and I am gratefully she did.  There is no way I could have done what DeLiceful did, in a few hours, to get my child lice free.  Plus my child was well entertained while getting deliced.  Great place….  great relief that DeLiceful was recommended to me by the school nurse.
Megan of Kings Park
January 19, 2018

Lice was found in my daughter’s hair by her preschool and sent home.  I then googled places that remove lice and found this place that uses a heat device to get rid of the bugs and nits.  They told me my daughter was lice free and even gave me a letter to give to the preschool saying all nits have been removed.  Well, NOT TRUE!  The preschool checked her hair and found a lot of nits and wouldn’t allow her back in.  The preschool then recommended DeLiceful to me; they told me DeLiceful is amazing.   I called DeLiceful immediately and got an appointment asap.  I couldn’t believe how many nits DeLiceful took out of her hair, after I spent a lot of $$$ at this other place.  The preschool highly recommended DeLiceful and I’m very glad they did, but I wish I didn’t waste $$$ on this other company.
Robyn of Rockville Centre
October 23, 2017

DeLiceful was AMAZING from the minute I called.  They moved appointments around to accommodate my schedule.  My 7 year old and 4 year old, plus myself, were treated for lice.  The staff at DeLiceful was unbelievably pleasant and kid-friendly.  They had movies and snacks to keep the kids occupied.  The staff were extremely thorough and completely educated me on the issue of head lice.  DeLiceful even offered to go to the daycare and check all the kids for free because they treated my child.  Hands down AMAZING…  I highly recommend DeLiceful.
Denise of Wantagh
October 20, 2017

DeLiceful is definitely the affordable way to treat head lice compared to buying the over the counter products repeatedly.  I wasted so much money on those products.  But I finally decided to treat the right way and the professional way.  If I only went to DeLiceful first, I actually would have saved money.  I spent more than $200 and all my time on products.  DeLiceful saved my sanity and my pocketbook.
Mia of Center Moriches
October 15, 2017

We first came to DeLiceful 5 years ago at our pediatrician’s recommendation.  I was frantic; but DeLiceful was so knowledgeable, calm and thorough.  DeLiceful made an awful moment so much better.  We are back today because of our great past experience.  To our delight, the same tech that took care of us 5 years ago took care of us again!  Rosa is a treasure!  So professional and thorough.  Rosa at DeLiceful saves the day AGAIN!  Thank you…  DeLiceful
Jackie of Manhasset
October 2, 2017

DeLiceful’s employee, Rosa was excellent!  She was friendly, patient and very knowledgeable.  Rosa answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable and relaxed in the DeLiceful salon.  Very pleasant experience.  Highly recommend DeLiceful.
Theresa and Taylor of New Hyde Park
August 30, 2017

If you are debating whether to have a service come to your home and take care of your lice problem or go to a DeLiceful salon… after reading this, it should be a no-brainer for you.  I had one of “those” companies come to my house to check and treat my family.  What a nightmare!  After waiting several hours for her to show, she proceeds to tell us that out of 7 family members, 3 of us have it.  She treated with olive oil and was there 5 hours.  Waste of my time and money.  Next morning my daughter pulled a bug out of hair; she was told she didn’t have it.  That’s when I decided to resort to Google and find a professional.  After reading the many reviews on Google about DeLiceful, I made an appointment in their Eastport location.  What a world of difference…  compared to this woman that came to my house!  I even had the ones that were treated by this “other company” rechecked by DeLiceful.  And guess what…  they still had nits!  So if you are reading this and debating whether to have someone come to your home…  my advice is, don’t be lazy,  hop in your car and go to DeLiceful.  I’m sorry I didn’t do that the first time.
Anastasia of Water Mill
August 7, 2017

Amazing company…  amazing customer service!  While on vacation in Maine, I discovered lice in my hair and my daughter’s.  I immediately called DeLiceful and told them my whole situation; that we wouldn’t be back until 11 pm the next evening and that I was having surgery the following morning.  Hearing the panic in my voice, the owner, Kathy graciously booked an appointment in their Smithtown location at 11:30 pm at night to treat me and my daughter!  How amazing is that??!!!  Besides being so accommodating and sympathetic to what I was going through, DeLiceful was so knowledgeable.  DeLiceful really made a scary situation DeLiceful.
Kim of Setauket
August 1, 2017

Great place!  The employees are so nice and personable; they made the whole process worthwhile!  Very thorough when looking through our whole family and no one complained at all!  Highly recommend DeLiceful!!
Dana of Smithtown
July 10, 2017

My girls, 7 and 5 years old, had first got lice when they started school back in September and I didn’t know what to think or what to do.  I was so confused.  I had bought Rid-ex from Walmart for $17 – I had to buy 2 boxes.  I immediately went home and started to treat my girls’ hair.  It took approximately 5 hours for both of them.  I was so tired and so were they.  I took them back to school the next day and were told by the school nurse that they still had lice.  I had to go back and buy another bottle of this pesticide shampoo and then treat them both for another 5 hours — it was exhausting!  My daughters ended up missing over a week of school because of head lice.  I took them to school the following week and was told the lice were gone.  I felt relieved.  A few months later, the school nurse called me saying the girls had lice and needed to be picked up.  I was now aggravated and mad to have to go through this whole grueling process again.  I was about to go to Walmart and buy this pesticide again when the school principle, Ms. Kerry Dunne reached out to us and told me about this company in Bellmore called DeLiceful that could treat my girls’ head lice problem.  I called DeLiceful and set up an appointment.  From the moment we arrived at the salon, it was a very warm and friendly environment.  The ladies that work at DeLiceful were very caring and extremely helpful.  They provided snacks and a movie for my girls while their hair was being treated.  They also gave us all the information we needed about head lice.  My girls were comfortable and I was able to relax.  I am grateful that DeLiceful was highly recommended by the school principal.  Thank you to the wonderful staff who treated my daughters.
Ashley of East Meadow
June 13, 2017

I was totally freaked out when the school called to say that my autistic son had lice.  I knew that if he had it, I definitely had to have it.  There was no way he was going to sit for hours for me to remove head lice when he doesn’t even let me brush his hair.  I called a woman to come to my home to treat him.  That was my first mistake because she did not have patience for him.  Not only was she rude, but her treatment was not thorough by just using olive oil.  Plus the fact that I had to continue putting olive oil on our hair for days.  When I sent my son back to school, I immediately received a call from the director that he still had lice.  She recommended DeLiceful and I am forever grateful that she did.  DeLiceful is AMAZING!!  They treated my son perfectly; they knew had to deal with him and tackle the head lice problem.  Thank you, DeLiceful for giving me back my sanity.
Joanne of Plainview
June 10, 2017

I am so grateful for the service I received at DeLiceful.  Not only did Sophia and Lillian assure me that we had no need to worry, but the lice treatments they both gave to my daughter and myself, were very thorough.  I had no doubt upon leaving the DeLiceful salon that our lice problem was gone.  Another big plus was they made my 2 year old baby feel so comfortable and happy – she was well entertained.  What a very pleasant and assuring atmosphere at DeLiceful.  I highly recommend DeLiceful.
Mary of Manorville
May 16, 2017

DeLiceful is 5 star service *****!  This place is amazing!  Everyone from the woman I made the appointment with, to all the ladies who work at DeLiceful…  everyone was fantastic.  DeLiceful does a thorough job and explains everything in detail.  A horrible experience of lice has been made bearable.
Mari of Manhasset
April 15, 2017

I was very happy with the whole experience in spite of the inconvenience of having lice.  I was able to get an appointment promptly, the DeLiceful salon was clean, and the staff was very friendly.  But most of all, the process was thorough and professional.  I am leaving DeLiceful with confidence that all is gone and my recheck will go well.  I would definitely recommend DeLiceful to family, friends or anyone in need of treatment, or just for a lice check.
Jody of Merrick
April 10, 2017

Thank you so much for your help!  The staff was helpful and extremely patient with my children.  The whole family was checked, and 3 out of 4 of us were treated.  DeLiceful was much more thorough than I ever could have been.  The interior of the DeLiceful salon is adorable and the atmosphere was perfect for my little ones!  Thank you again!
Trish of Floral Park
March 20, 2017

The staff at DeLiceful was absolutely delightful.  Kathy, the owner, took a phone call from me after 8 pm at night and had her staff stay in their Great Neck location late to treat me and my daughter.  This was our first experience with lice.  My daughter was terrified and DeLiceful really put her mind at ease.  The lice are gone and we can sleep well tonight!  We have much appreciation for Kathy and her extremely kind and knowledgeable staff.
Michelle of New Hyde Park
March 6, 2017

I got the dreaded call from the school nurse, “your daughter has lice”!  I was shocked and didn’t know how to successfully treat lice.  I asked the nurse if she knows of anyone that could guide me and she gave me a few phone numbers.  I called DeLiceful and and thankfully they were able to accommodate us after work hours.  Me, my daughter and husband all came into DeLiceful and met a lovely DeLiceful employee, Chrissy.  Chrissy was fantastic with my 5 1/2 year old daughter and made her feel so comfortable, and also played one of her favorite movies on DeLiceful’s big flat screen TV, as she worked to delice her.  I also needed treatment and Chrissy was wonderful with me also.  Chrissy answered all of my many questions and was so nice to speak to.  My husband was lucky and lice free!  I am so satisified and so glad that this much needed service that DeLiceful provides is available.  I would highly recommend DeLiceful to all my friends and family.
Ann of Massapequa
March 6, 2017

I feel compelled to let you know about my experience with lice since you obviously are doing research about various ways of treating a head lice infestation.  My husband and I tried to treat our two daughters for lice over the course of 3 weeks.  We figured we would save money and treat them ourselves.  During that time, we applied multiple over-the-counter treatments on them, such as Rid.  My husband even used the spray in the box for all of our furniture and my daughters’ bedding.  Well, one night while having dinner, my oldest daughter starts to become non-responsive, eyes rolling back in her head and drooling.  We rush her by ambulanced to Stony Brook Hospital.  It turns out, she had a seizure which was the result of using the pesticide products on my daughter and spraying the pesticides on the furniture, etc!  It was a mother’s worse nightmare to find out that we caused this.  We knew then we could no longer tackle this problem on our own and went to DeLiceful.  I just wish we NEVER used that harmful product on my children and came to DeLiceful in the first place.  We learned our lesson the hard way, at the expense of my daughter’s health.  Please…. if you are reading this testimonial, DO NOT use those over-the-counter products!  They do not work any way.  I was surprised to see how much lice my daughters still had after spending countless hours treating them ourselves.  NEVER, EVER AGAIN will I put my child through that by jeopardizing their health, just so we can try and save some money.  I will go immediately to DeLiceful.  It was worth EVERY penny we spent.
Hannah of Setauket
March 1st, 2017

Excellent – made a scary situation easy!  Super professional, worth every penny!
Jill of Center Moriches
February 7, 2017

I am pleased to thank DeLiceful on behalf of our entire school for the professional and efficient manner in which DeLiceful has provided lice-checking services for our school.  Each time DeLiceful has come to our school, we find all of your staff to be pleasant to work with and efficient at getting the task done in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend your firm to anyone in need of lice-checking and treatment.
Edward Fox, Executive Director of Yeshiva Har Torah of Little Neck
February 2, 2017

I run the North Shore Hebrew Academy school wide lice checks and we have been working with Kathy and her staff at DeLiceful for the past year.  They are amazing!  DeLiceful has been coming to our school and checking our students for lice.  They are all so professional and so efficient.  They are a pleasure to work with.  It is so comforting for our parents to know that DeLiceful is always available to treat head lice when found in our kids.  The salon is open all the time:  7 days a week!  Someone always answers the phone 24/7 and it’s so easy to schedule an appointment, usually right away.  The salon is clean and has such a happy vibe about it.  There are movies playing while the children are being treated for lice.  There are candy jars avail and even take home goodies!  Kids don’t event want to leave!  DeLiceful makes getting rid of lice such an easy process that even having lice doesn’t seem as horrific as it sounds!  One visit to the salon and children are lice free!  One behalf of the NSHA we can’t thank Kathy and her staff enough!  Thank you for everything that you have done for our students and parents, and continue to do!  xoxoxo
Lorraine Ganjian of North Shore Hebrew Academy of Great Neck
February 1, 2017

After my kids and I were treated by a lice company in NYC and paid a lot of money, I kept finding nits in my daughter’s hair.  My mom, who lives on Long Island, recommended that we go to DeLiceful for a head check to see if we still had lice because her neighbors raved about DeLiceful.  Well after making the journey out to DeLiceful’s location in Great Neck, I was shocked to find out that all 3 of us still had nits  in our hair and my daughter had a bug.  DeLiceful’s technique was much more thorough and professional than the way we were treated in NYC.   Glad my mom’s neighbors told her about DeLiceful.  It was definitely worth the trip from NYC.  As a matter of fact, I told my friends just to go to DeLiceful if they need treatment.  I hope DeLiceful opens in NYC soon.
Nicole of NYC & Grandma of Manhasset
January 28, 2017

This the second time my children have had lice and this is my second time to DeLiceful.  There is NO way I would try and treat them on my own.  DeLiceful really lives up to their motto… they make a scary situation DeLiceful.  I’ve been to 2 of their locations:  Bellmore and Smithtown, and both of those locations are adorable and immaculate.  The staff is so well trained and educated.   I highly recommend DeLiceful to anyone that needs to get rid of LICE asap.
Margaret of Hicksville
January 18, 2017

Santa came early and delivered an extra gift to my family called lice.  As we were getting ready to head out for Christmas Eve, my daughter is scratching her head like a monkey and my husband finds a bug in her hair.  Can’t you imagine??  Christmas Eve at 2 pm…  I didn’t know what to do.  I called my sister who recommended that I call DeLiceful immediately, which I did.  I am so ever grateful and thankful that DeLiceful squeezed my family right in.  Not only did my daughter have lice, but so did my husband and son.  I was the only one that was spared.  DeLiceful’s salon was so clean and what professionals these ladies were.  In a couple of hours, they had my family lice free and on our way to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family.  Now I know why my sister totally recommended DeLiceful…  because they did make a scary situation DeLiceful and we were able to enjoy Christmas.
Christina of Lake Grove
December 24, 2016

What an amazing company DeLiceful is!  I called at 1 am in a state of panic and Kathy answered phone.  She was so calming and reassuring, as I rattled off question after question.  Then she was able to set up an appointment first thing in the morning for my son and I.  I felt so comfortable leaving DeLiceful knowing that my son and I were lice free.  This is something I definitely would not have been able to do successfully on my own.  Worth every dollar I spent.   Happy holidays, DeLiceful
Karyn of Sands Point
December 15, 2016

I sit here in DeLiceful’s salon writing this testimonial being treated for lice AFTER having a lady come to my house to treat my family of 4 for lice.  Yes, that’s right, my entire family still has lice after spending hundreds of dollars for a woman to slap olive oil in my family’s hair.  So obviously DO NOT use anyone that comes to your home and claims olive oil is going to rid you of your head lice.  What a waste of time and money, both things I don’t have a lot of.  I knew something was wrong after a found a bug in my younger daughter’s greasy hair.  Yes, it was still greasy two days after this woman treated my family and that’s because she said we had to continue using olive oil for two weeks.  I must have been out of my mind to agree to such a thing!  Especially after I see how DeLiceful is treating my family for lice — the right way — the professional way.  I wish I took the time to read these testimonials before I had the olive oil lady come.  Well, at least I’m giving you a heads up.  Get treated the right way; we finally did when we went to DeLiceful.
Lucy of Eastport
December 6, 2016

When I found lice in my daughter’s hair, I immediately called the lice company I used before that is right in my neighborhood.  Thank goodness, like usual she was unavailable and they were closed.  She wanted me to wait til the next day to bring her in for treatment.  There was no way I was going to wait with a crying 12 year old.  I googled places that remove lice and DeLiceful popped right up.  I immediately read all their rave reviews and called them.  Not only was the person that answered the phone, Kathy, so nice and knowledgeable, but so was very accommodating.  She had me and my daughter come in immediately.  Well, what a difference from the “other” place I went to before.  DeLiceful was amazing!  The salon was spotless and adorable, plus the staff was so sweet and well trained.  They were so thorough when treating us.  The “other” place had us doing home treatments for 2 weeks after we left their place — NOT DeLiceful!  We left DeLiceful lice free!!  There was nothing for me to do when I got home, except pour myself a glass a wine — just like Kathy recommended.  So if you are looking for a lice place… you found the right place… go to DeLiceful.  You will be extremely happy — we were!  No “other lice place” for me.
Ron & Carol of Huntington/Melville
November 29, 2016

Chrissy was amazing — she turned a Thanksgiving disaster right around!  DeLiceful was so worth it!  Both my daughter and I left so relieved and happy.
Ella & Kathryn of Eastport
November 25, 2016

My school nurse called to tell me my daughter had nits in her hair and to pick her up from school.  I immediately left work and went to get her.  The school nurse told me about DeLiceful and highly recommended them.  I called DeLiceful and got an appointment immediately in their Smithtown location.  When I got to the DeLiceful salon, I couldn’t believe how cute and clean the place was.  But what impressed me even more, was the fact that the staff was so honest!  Upon checking my daughter’s hair, she in fact, did NOT have lice — it was just flaking!  I was so prepared to have my daughter treated and DeLiceful could have done that since the school nurse told me it was lice, but they were so honest and said that she was fine!!!!  What an honest and reputable company!!  I highly recommend DeLiceful!
Chrissy of Hicksville
October 21, 2016

Well, never thought I would come here, but my daughter had a lice infestation.  The DeLiceful staff were very accommodating.  They were professional.  They were very knowledgeable.  The DeLiceful staff educated us on what we need to do to inform my daughter’s school about her lice infestation.  DeLiceful debunked myths like…  use gel in hair to stop lice.  Turns out, applying gel pulls hairs together so the lice can get to your scalp faster.  DeLiceful took our call immediately and saw us within 2 hours of our call.  They have 4 chairs, lots of candy to calm the kids (and feed the parents) plus coffee while you wait.  They have a big flat screen tv with plenty of movies to keep kids entertained.  I would highly recommend DeLiceful in Smithtown!
Phil of West Islip
October 8, 2016

Very professional.  Amazing skilled staff.  My kids had fun while sitting for so long.
Dr. Ceerol of Roslyn
October 4, 2016

Thank you to Kathy at DeLiceful in Bellmore,  She answered my panic call at 11:30 pm and made an appointment for 7 am to have my entire family checked! Thank you again…  it was just dry scalp flakes!  Get checked at DeLiceful.  They are the experts!  I’m NEVER going anywhere else!
Rosa of Franklin Square
September 30, 2016

Absolutely the BEST head lice company that I used and unfortunately I’ve used a bunch.  While staying at our summer home in the Hamptons, of course, we discover lice in our kids’ hair.  That then turns into mayhem because we have guests spending the week with us.  I called a few companies that I used from NYC to come to my home to treat us, but I guess to my good luck, they were not available.  So I searched and found DeLiceful.  Little did I know that traveling from Watermill to their location in Eastport was the BEST thing that happened to me.  First of all BIG difference going to their salon than removing lice from my kids in my bathroom… BIG difference.  Plus their removal method and expertise is much BETTER than these other companies I used.  DeLiceful was much more thorough and much more professional.  I was so happy that I drove the 45 minutes to go their salon.  I will now use their location in Great Neck, instead of having my kids treated in NYC, because I know this will NOT be my kids last time getting lice.  Like DeLiceful says… Lice happens!!  No blame… no shame!!  And I say, it’s only “shame on you”, if you don’t have a professional like DeLiceful remove your kids’ head lice the right way.
Jamie of Watermill & NYC
August 20, 2016

The night of my daughter’s wedding, my niece tells me her girls have lice.  She couldn’t event wait till the festivities were over.  At that point there was nothing to do but drink champagne and forget about it.  So the next morning after things calmed down, almost all of the wedding party, including the bride and groom, headed out to DeLiceful in Great Neck.  I’m so glad we did!!  Because my daughter, the bride, had lice!  Along with the 6 other family members.  But thanks to DeLiceful, they really helped keep us in the happy wedding mood while treating us for head lice.  This could have really ruined such a spectacular weekend, but within a few short hours – with lots of laughs – we were all lice free!
Catarina of Manhasset
August 14, 2016

I had such a good time.  I ate candy and had food.  Now I have no lice thanks to the girls at DeLiceful that helped me not have lice anymore.
Isabella of Manorville (age 4)
August 4, 2016

No one likes lice!  But if you’re one of the many who has the awful experience you can be sure that you will be treated in a most DeLiceful way at DeLiceful!  They are understanding, patient, and well-trained to rid you, your kids, neighbors, everyone of those pesty little critters.  Have no fear DeLiceful is here to help.  They definitely were for me and my family in the time of need.
Judy of Bayside
August 1, 2016

As the grandmother to four loving granddaughters, I wasn’t shocked to find out that I had lice soon after it was discovered in my granddaughters’ heads while away on vacation in the Bahamas.  My daughter did her research and called DeLiceful from the Bahamas to schedule appointments for all of us to come in after we returned home.  Kathy at DeLiceful calmed my daughter down and told her to just enjoy her vacation at the Atlantis and we will deal with our head lice situation in a few days.  Thanks to the knowledge and reassurance that Kathy provided us with, we were able to salvage the last few days of our tropical paradise without worry because we knew that once our plane touched down at JFK we were going straight to DeLiceful.  And what a cute salon setting they have!  This Grammy totally recommends DeLiceful!
Barbara of Melville
July 15, 2016

DeLiceful came to our school to perform a complete head check on our children.  They were dependable, fast and friendly with the children!  DeLiceful efficiently checked each child, and were not invasive – the children did not mind having their heads checked one bit!  DeLiceful gave us peace of mind and advice for the future – what a great service they offer to schools and camps!

Mariangela Northam, Director of Habitots Preschool in Middle Island
July 15, 2016

Our experience was perfectly DeLiceful!  The staff was quick to plan and schedule a date to come into our large camp.  The staff was professional, speedy and extremely friendly to the kids and teachers.  To our staff’s surprise, DeLiceful was able to check through 350 campers in 1 hour and 30 minutes!!  We are planning to partner with DeLiceful in the future.

Hahyun Chung of APC Summer Camp in Bethpage
July 14, 2016

We had DeLiceful visit during the first few days of camp and perform a full camp head check.  Although this was not an easy undertaking, DeLiceful was dependable, fast and efficient.  The staff was flexible and accommodating.  Every head at camp was checked and kids were quickly returned to their activities.  A great experience and we look forward to our next midsummer DeLiceful visit.

Doris Rosen of Hampton Country Day Camp in East Hampton
July 13, 2016

The DeLiceful staff was super informative and great!  The place is decorated so cute and is perfect for children.  My daughter loved all of the snacks offered.  DeLiceful really did make an uncomfortable situation as easy as can be for my daughter and I! :)

Brielle & Paula of Manorville
July 12, 2016

What a way to start the holiday weekend!  My daughter was sent home from camp with lice on Friday.  In year’s past I always had a lice company come to my home to help with this problem but this time I found DeLiceful.  At first I wanted the convenience of having a nit picker come to us so I didn’t have to travel anywhere, but after speaking to Kathy on the phone, I realized I was dealing with a professional that knew her stuff!  So I immediately packed all the kids — yes, we are vacationing out in the Hamptons for the summer with my sister and her kids — so all 7 of us headed to DeLiceful’s salon in Eastport.  What a saving grace DeLiceful was.  I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in their adorable salon.  What a HUGE difference from the so-called professional I had come to my home last year.  DeLiceful had a team of women who diligently and precisely worked on each kid.  After a few short hours we left DeLiceful free!  So glad DeLiceful opened this new location close to the Hamptons!!  Definitely worth driving to so we can get back to our summer festivities… BBQ and drinks!  Happy 4th to EVERYONE…  especially DeLiceful!

Sheri of Amagansett
July 2, 2016

It’s always a concern when we hear that a child has lice at our school.  So many protocols to follow!  But thanks to DeLiceful the process is much more smoother.  DeLiceful’s staff team is always available for phone consultation and even to send specialists, for FREE, to check the children in the school so to prevent further spreading of lice.  It’s also nice to have a qualified professional company to refer our families to when needed.  Thank you, DeLiceful!

Simone Costa, Director of Habitots Preschool & Child Care of Medford
June 27, 2016

My daughter was actually on her way to a graduation party when I saw a bug in her hair.  Totally freaked out, I called my doctor and was recommended to DeLiceful.  What a saving grace it was going to DeLiceful!  After a short time, my daughter was lice free and I was stress free!  We actually were able to make it to the graduation party after all.  DeLiceful really made a crappy situation much better.  They saved the day for my family.  Going to DeLiceful is definitely the right thing to do if you find lice in your kid’s head.  I loved their cute, immaculate salon where my daughter was treated.  It was so delightful going to DeLiceful — I’m glad my daughter’s pediatrician recommended them.

Joanna of Port Washington
June 25, 2016

As the director of an early childhood care center, when I heard that one of our little angels had lice, I was looking for immediate service that would be thorough and efficient.  DeLiceful was exactly what I was looking for!  DeLiceful immediately responded to my outreach and provided a comprehensive service.  They visited our center in no time and thoroughly examined all of our children and staff at our school.  DeLiceful’s staff are knowledgeable, friendly, professional and extremely efficient.  I would recommend DeLiceful to any school or family needing this service.

Nancy Accardi, Director of Our Little Angels of Bellerose
June 13, 2016

By the time we realized our daughter had lice, it had spread to the whole family.  We tried over the counter products and removed some of the lice after combing for hours and hours.  We realized the next day that we were unsuccessful.  We called DeLiceful right away – only wish we did it sooner.  I love that DeLiceful’s products are natural and safe.  DeLiceful educated us and we learned a lot about how head lice actually spreads.  I will be telling everyone who gets lice “Go to DeLiceful”!  Also the DeLiceful salon is super cool…  my kids and I loved it and after 4 hours they still did NOT want to leave.  Thank you, DeLiceful!  And thank you, Sophia for your patience and kindness…  you made us feel comfortable and treated us like family :)

Michelle of Manorville
May 27, 2016

My children attend a private school on the North Shore, so when the nurse called to tell me that BOTH my kids had lice and to come and pick them up, I was mortified, to say the least!  The school has a no nit policy, which meant they couldn’t go back unless they were nit and bug free.  The school nurse saw how upset I was when I didn’t even have a clue on what to do.  Right away she told me about DeLiceful and how other parents from the school have taken their kids there.  Immediately I felt better, first knowing that there were other kids with lice and secondly, that there was a company to help me.  I called DeLiceful from the school nurse’s office and got an appointment in their Great Neck location immediately.  Once my kids were at DeLiceful getting “deliced” I felt relief.  I’m so glad that my school nurse told me about DeLiceful!

Caryn of Greenvale
May 17, 2016

DeLiceful saw us on such short notice and saved the day and our vacation!  Thank you!  Everyone at DeLiceful was so kind and helpful!

Hilary of Southampton
May 14, 2016

What an amazing company DeLiceful is!  After knowing many families that use DeLiceful’s services, DeLiceful was the first place we called.  As a school administrator, I will always recommend DeLiceful .  The staff at DeLiceful is great and very thorough.  DeLiceful makes a very stressful process easy and all their products are safe and non-toxic.   We are forever grateful for all you do, DeLiceful!

Hellen of Brentwood, School Administrator
May 6, 2016

DeLiceful is the only place I would send anyone!  They are dedicated and extremely knowledgeable.  As a school nurse on Long Island, I choose DeLiceful everytime!

Tiana, School Nurse of Levittown
May 2, 2016

Excellent service!  DeLiceful was very helpful and informative during a stressful time.  I am very grateful for DeLiceful’s help!

Melissa of Glen Oaks
April 28, 2016

This was an amazing place!  Our lice technician, Chrissy put us completely at ease and actually made it a pleasant experience!  Although I was extremely upset, Chrissy put my mind at ease explaining the process thoroughly and calmed my nerves.  She made my granddaughter laugh and she praised her throughout the whole treatment.  My granddaughter and I actually forgot what we were at DeLiceful for.  Chrissy’s pleasant, warm and friendly personality made a horrible situation tolerable and more than pleasant!  I highly recommend this establishment as well as their staff!  These ladies were terrific at DeLiceful!

Lucianne and Janet of Bellmore
April 27, 2016

Excellent!  Very thorough!  Couldn’t have asked for better service in removing head lice!  DeLiceful knew what they were doing!  DeLiceful got me right in when I called in a state of panic.  Their cute little cottage in Great Neck was so clean and their staff was so professional.  DeLiceful eased all my fears while getting rid of the lice in my hair and my daughter’s.  At first I was contemplating tackling this task on my own — don’t know what I was thinking.  We left DeLiceful in 2 hours lice free!  What a relief!  Thanks to DeLiceful we are lice free and very well educated on how to avoid getting head lice in the future.

Gina of Glen Head
April 24, 2016

I guess since you are reading these testimonials, you must have a child with lice.  Well so did I.  Actually I had 2 kids with lice and one child is autistic.  So you can only imagine my frustration when I discovered lice in their hair.  I was recommended to DeLiceful by my kid’s pediatrician.  Going to DeLiceful saved my life!  They were so professional and so patient dealing with my children, especially my son who has autism.  The owner, Kathy even offered to come to my home to do the rechecks so that my son was in his own environment.  When I started contacting friends and family to tell them my kids had lice, I couldn’t believe how many of the moms already knew about DeLiceful and raved about their services!!  So I guess my kids weren’t the only ones with lice.  I am so glad my doctor told me about DeLiceful.  I’m sure I would have been ripping my hair out if I didn’t go to them.  They really made a horrendous experience DeLiceful.

Joanne of Deer Park
April 22, 2016

Thank you DeLiceful!  We are so grateful for this service! Our whole friend group had lice and we all freaked out!  You helped us all and there were a lot of us.  Thank you for the coffee, snacks and movies!  I’m considering getting lice again just to come back here!  Ha Ha Ha…  just kidding.  Being lice free feels great, thanks to DeLiceful!  We love you!!

Emily, Sam and more friends of Massapequa Park
April 20th, 2016

My kids go to a private catholic school in Islip and I was recommended to DeLiceful by the school nurse.  Great recommendation by the nurse.  DeLiceful was totally professional, clean and provided me with a wealth of information.  I will definitely recommend DeLiceful to all my friends.  I love their motto…  They make a scary situation DeLiceful!  That’s the truth!!

Carol of East Islip
April 14th, 2016

The school nurse called and told me that she found lice in one of my daughter’s hair but she wasn’t sure about the other daughter.  I took my girls to a place that does free head checks.  Once I was there I was informed that even though my one daughter and I didn’t have lice, they recommended that we both get treated anyway because one of my daughter’s definitely had lice.  The information they gave me made no sense; why would I pay for treatment if we didn’t have lice?  I called the school nurse back and she asked me if I was at DeLiceful.  When I told her no and mentioned this other company, she said only go to DeLiceful; that DeLiceful is the most honest and professional lice removal company.  I immediately followed the school nurse’s advice and went directly to DeLiceful.  DeLiceful was definitely much more professional, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable.  My daughter left without a head of lice but I left with my head filled with knowledge that DeLiceful provided me with.

Carrie of Roslyn
April 13, 2016

Yesterday a parent informed us that her child had lice over the weekend.  We had never encountered lice at our academy; therefore we had a lot of questions and concerns.  I called Kathy at DeLiceful and she was very helpful and offered to come to our academy the very next morning!  The staff of DeLiceful arrived 15 minutes earlier and got straight to work checking children’s heads.  The ladies were wonderful; they were patient, kind and informative.  DeLiceful made everyone feel comfortable and took their time checking each child and adult.  This was the first time we had experienced a child with lice and we were very worried about it spreading.  The DeLiceful staff made us feel at ease as they took their time to ensure that each child and teacher was checked thoroughly for nits and bugs.  They also give information for the parents to take home as well as magnets.  We highly recommend DeLiceful!  The fact that Kathy was willing to come to our school on such short notice and FREE OF CHARGE was above and beyond our expectations!  Thank you, Kathy and all of your wonderful employees for giving us peace of mind and your DeLiceful expertise!

Judy Martinez, Director of Kiddie Academy of Whitestone
April 5, 2016

All I can say is that I’m an expert when it comes to dealing with lice.  My daughter and son had it 4 times!  Each time I tried a different method or company.  The worst was a woman that came to my house to treat but wasn’t able to check all of us because she had to leave to put her kids to bed — so unprofessional.  The 2nd worst was a company that use some kind of gizmo to heat the nits — didn’t do a damn thing!  My kids had baby bugs a week later!!  But the best company I dealt with was DeLiceful!  DeLiceful had my family lice free for good in a few hours!!  What a professional company to deal with.  DeLiceful truly has a great reputation since I was referred by my kids’ doctor and school nurse.  So if you are reading this, you obviously are dealing with lice, just call DeLiceful.  They are the best in my book!  I won’t waste my time and money with no one else when my kids get lice for the 5th time.

Asher of Hauppauge
April 2nd, 2016

To  say I went bonkers when I found out my daughter and I had head lice is an understatement!  I was in a total panic mode until I was referred to DeLiceful by a neighbor.  I am so grateful for my neighbor telling me about DeLiceful and more grateful to DeLiceful that they gave me an appointment at 9 pm at night!  There is NO way I could have treated myself for head lice, and my daughter too!  The DeLiceful staff of women were so professional and calming.  What a great shop they have.  I felt so at peace once I walked into DeLiceful and then a few hours later we walked out lice free with a ton of knowledge.  I have now been spreading the word about DeLiceful so that people stop spreading the lice.

Stacey of Eastport
March 30, 2016

DeLiceful is amazing! They have come to our school on many occasions to check our students – free of charge – after we have had a case of lice. The DeLiceful staff is always professional, caring, and accommodating. We would recommend DeLiceful to anyone who is need of their services. They are the best!

Kiddie Academy of Bethpage
March 17, 2016

At first I contemplated calling one of these companies that comes to your house discreetly to remove lice, thinking that was the best way to go, but then I called DeLiceful and realized that I was much better off going to a salon type setting than removing head lice at my kitchen table or having my daughter sit on a chair in the bathroom.  Plus they had more than one person working on my family of 4 — it was so convenient!  I loved the salon setting with all the amenities they provided for the kids and me.  Not only was their salon adorable and immaculate, it was so educational listening to what DeLiceful’s staff was telling me about head lice.   DeLiceful taught me… Lice happens!  No blame… no shame!!  I love their motto!  I love DeLiceful!!

Carly of Huntington
March 15, 2016

OMG… I got lice!  I was freaking out when the school nurse told me I had to go home because of these things crawling in my hair.  As a 16-year old girl not only was I grossed out, I was mortified that I had head lice.  But that changed once my mom took me straight to DeLiceful.  What an amazing place!  They made me feel so comfortable that I stopped crying and started texting my BFF’s that I had lice.  And guess what, 3 of them met me at DeLiceful and 2 of them head lice also!!!   So I was not the only one.  And like DeLiceful says:  Lice happens!  No blame… No shame!  So we don’t know who gave it to who, but who cares.  All we know is that we are lice free thanks to DeLiceful!  And I’m not even embarrassed to write a testimonial — lice can happen to anyone one.  It happened to me so it can happen to you.  And when it does… go straight to DeLiceful!!!!!!

Elyse of Manhasset
March 10, 2016

DeLiceful was AMAZING! They came into our After School Program and took control of the situation.  DeLiceful gave us great information and made us feel comfortable by letting us know that we took the proper measures to eliminate the problem.  Thank you DeLiceful and thanks to our families for your continued support!

Ms Ann Marie and Ms Roberta of Ultimate Champions Taekwondo of Massapequa
March 10, 2016

I sent DeLiceful a student, who missed a great deal of school because of head lice, and has been spending so much money and time that they don’t have.  We really appreciate DeLiceful helping out with this family in need.  We appreciate all that DeLiceful has done for this family and all the other families they have helped us with in the past.

Maryalice Koch, RN of Laurel Park Elementary School of Brentwood
March 3, 2016

I received a letter from school that there was a student with head lice.  I kept checking my daughter’s hair but I wasn’t sure if she had it.  I called DeLiceful on a Sunday night and was given an appointment right away.  My daughter didn’t have lice but DeLiceful was very helpful and provided me with tons of helpful information on how to prevent head lice.  Thank you!!

Jessica of Plainview
February 14, 2016

From the moment I called “DeLiceful,” I knew that my daughter would be in good hands.  I appreciated how Kathy, the owner, took the time to answer all of my questions and talked me out of my panic mode.  Even though I didn’t book an appointment right away, she told me to call back if I had any further questions.  Upon arriving at a very discreet DeLiceful storefront in Eastport, I was greeted by Chrissy, who saved the day!  Chrissy was kind and knowledgeable, and most important, very thorough.  The DeLiceful salon was spotless and inviting.  My daughter spent her time (about 2 hours) facing a large flatscreen TV and tightly sealed candy jars filled with treats.  The signage on the wall states, “Lice happens… No blame!  No shame!!”  These fabulous women were truly “DeLiceful”.

Charlotte of Mastic Beach
February 11, 2016

I called DeLiceful and Kathy, the owner, immediately said, “When would you like us to come?”  Kathy, herself, just left the Progressive School of Long Island.  She did head checks on children in two of our classes.  Kathy was so patient and warm with our students.  I would highly recommend DeLiceful to either do head checks on your children/students, or treat your child for head lice.  We want to thank DeLiceful for promptly coming to our school and for all of Kathy’s assistance.

Benay Deitman, Administrator of Progressive School in Merrick
February 9, 2016

What a relief and pleasure it was to get treated at DeLiceful’s newest location in Eastport.  Being a full-time resident of the Hamptons, how convenient it was to head over to DeLiceful’s salon to tackle the head lice problem in my kid’s hair.  I didn’t know what to expect going to a lice treatment facility, but I was definitely impressed; not only with the warm and friendly salon atmosphere, but also the way my family was handled.  From the moment we stepped through the door, it was a DeLiceful experience.  The DeLiceful staff knew exactly how to calm my nerves, keep my kids happy, and at the same time, get rid of the critters crawling around in our heads.  Don’t bug out if you have lice, just let DeLiceful take the bugs out!

Jennifer of Southampton
February 6, 2016

On behalf of Shalom Early Childhood Center, we would like to thank DeLiceful for the school visit this past Tuesday.  DeLiceful was extremely efficient at checking the students, and were able to complete 120 students in less than one hour!  The team arrived at our school earlier than scheduled, and got right to work immediately.  Their professionalism was impressive!  Thank you for making sure our children are clean and lice free.  We look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Shalom Early Childhood Center of Great Neck
February 4, 2016

The staff at DeLiceful, along with Kathy, visited our east end school yesterday and were prompt, professional and shared their time and expert knowledge.  In addition to being very thorough, the DeLiceful lice comb used to treat a case of head lice is very different than the one included in the drugstore lice product box; the DeLiceful lice comb is much more effective!  It is available on their website, along with other DeLiceful non-toxic, pesticide free treatment and repellent products that I am not allowed to endorse, but I will say that I would feel comfortable using on my own children.  Thanks again!

Happy and Impressed School Nurse
February 2, 2016

Kathy and her team at DeLiceful are worth the drive and tolls!  She put a freaked-out mother and “patient” at ease.  The charming kid-friendly salon is a place to take refuge.  Videos to pick from while the kids are thoroughly checked and taken care of.  Candy and snack choices while being treated or to take home after a successful recheck!  Thank you so very much to the entire DeLiceful staff!

Debbie of Staten Island
February 1, 2016

It is with pleasure that I recommend DeLiceful.  As the office manager at Kiddie Care Early Learning Center, I am sometimes faced with the task of guiding our parents in the right direction when they learn their child may have lice.  DeLiceful always comes to our facility free of charge and as soon as possible to check all of our children that we feel have come in contact with the little critters.  There have been a few occasions in the past that we have had to refer our parents to DeLiceful.  Our parents and their families have consistently remarked how pleased they are with the care performed by DeLiceful.  DeLiceful’s timeliness, professionalism, and dedication is exemplary.  I would highly recommend DeLiceful to anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation, and am very thankful DeLiceful provided a stress free resolution for us and our families.  DeLiceful is a huge asset to the community!

Amanda Elsayed, Kiddie Care Early Learning Center
January 25, 2016

Our preschool students were checked for lice upon entering school in September and after each school vacation.  We have used DeLiceful for our last two lice checks and have been extremely happy with our choice.  Prompt, professional and patient with our children, some of whom have resisted or squirmed around, DeLiceful is a wonderful company to work with.  I highly recommend DeLiceful!

Mindy Kremer, Director of Youth Education at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation
January 12, 2016

Made my life much easier!

Sophia of Wantagh
January 9, 2016

So you may find a lice removal place that’s cheaper, maybe closer to you, but you won’t find a more professional lice removal salon than DeLiceful.  I know for a fact becauseI traveled from Staten Island to be treated by DeLiceful after I tried several different lice companies that either came to my house or I went to on Staten Island; and I still showed up at DeLiceful with nits in my daughter’s hair and mine.  And I’m amazed at all the false information that was told to me like I had to strip my house and clean it.  What a waste of time.  I wish I found DeLiceful earlier.  So you know the saying… you get what you pay for… well it’s the truth!  DeLiceful was worth every penny (even paying the toll for the bridge) and their prices were really very competitive with other companies but DeLiceful was the best!  Because we are now lice free.

Carmela of Staten Island
January 9, 2016

Thank you, DeLiceful for finally getting the lice out of my hair.  My mommy kept pulling at my hair and trying for so long to get me clean.  Now maybe my mommy will stop crying since you made the lice go away.  I just love your DeLiceful place, it’s so much fun.  I want to come back again when I get lice.  I love you, DeLiceful.

Marley  (5 yrs old) of Old Westbury
January 8, 2016

Ugh… we rang in the New Year with lice.  I was so grossed out and upset when I saw something crawling in my daughter’s head at 11 pm at night.  My sister-in-law told me to calm down and call DeLiceful, a head lice removal company that she had used in the past.  I called DeLiceful at 11 pm at night and they answered!  I was so happy!  I felt such relief speaking to Kathy of DeLiceful; she was so calming, informative and funny.  She told me to just relax and have a glass of champagne at midnight and that tomorrow we would be lice free; she was so right.  She gave me an appointment for the next morning at their Bellmore location and I knew we were in good hands the minute we walked into DeLiceful’s lice treatment salon.  I guess you can say we rang in the new year with DeLiceful and I’m so glad we did.  DeLiceful provides a great, professional service.

Kim of Baldwin
January 1, 2016

It was such a relief to come to DeLiceful in Bellmore.  DeLiceful gave us an appointment for a family of 8 within an hour.  The facility is great for keeping young ones entertained.  The staff at DeLiceful was patient, helpful, informative and put us at ease.  DeLiceful’s work was thorough and I know there is no way I could have done as good a job on my own.  I would recommend DeLiceful (and already have) to all my friends in this situation.  Worth every penny!

Beth of Wantagh
December 31, 2015

My goddaughter not only gave me a beautiful sweater for Christmas but she also gave me lice too.  Unfortunately I couldn’t return the lice.  I ran out to CVS and bought everything I could.  I became so frustrated since I had no idea what I was doing and then that stupid little plastic blue comb that came in the Nix box broke.  I knew I needed help then.   Being a single guy, I figured I would find a lice company that comes to the house so I wouldn’t be embarrassed going somewhere.  My sister told me “no way”, that I had to go to DeLiceful because that’s where she brought my niece.   So glad I did.  There is no way I could have treated myself.  I couldn’t believe how much lice I had in my hair; nothing like that was coming out in the Nix comb when I was combing.  My advice to you if you have lice:  don’t bother treating yourself; give up now; go to DeLiceful.  It was so worth it and not even embarrassing at all.  Guess what…  I’m not even mad at my niece anymore.

Paul of Miller Place
December 27, 2015

I started to panic and scream when I found head lice in my daughter’s hair on Christmas Eve.  I didn’t know what to do.  We were having a house load of people coming that evening plus we were leaving on vacation the day after Christmas.  Well, my husband took control and found DeLiceful on the computer.  What a miracle when they answered right away and gave us an appointment within the hour.  DeLiceful saved us!  I thought I was going to have to cancel Christmas Eve and our vacation.  What a professional company and what a beautiful salon.  DeLiceful really made a scary situation DeLiceful.  I even told all my family members to go to DeLiceful for a head check to make sure they are lice free.  DeLiceful put the “Merry” back in my Christmas!!

Clare of Levittown
December 24, 2015

We came to  DeLiceful just as a precautionary measure.  The lice technicians, Sophia and Jackie were lovely to deal with.  They were extremely thorough and a pleasure to be around.  The staff at DeLiceful answered all of our questions and educated us on what to do to prevent lice.  I love that DeLiceful is in our neighborhood now — it’s so reassuring to know that DeLiceful is “here”.  Thank you, DeLiceful!

S. of Merrick
December 21, 2015

DeLiceful was an incredible experience.  The staff was warm, friendly and totally professional.  DeLiceful made us feel comfortable, and we left feeling confident and lice free.  A wonderful service!  The DeLiceful staff are angels!

Anonymous of Sag Harbor
December 19, 2015

DeLiceful provides an important service to our school and many families who may be overwhelmed with the issue of lice.  Kathy and her staff at DeLiceful were attentive, organized and professional.  DeLiceful’s customer service and support is exceptional.  With DeLiceful’s products and treatment, the problem was solved very quickly.  We thank DeLiceful for their time and knowledge, and we highly recommend their services.

Nicole, Administrative Director of Tutor Time of Lindenhurst
December 17, 2015

Thank you so much for taking the time to treat an entire family from our school district free of charge.  We can’t tell you how happy the girls were to come back to school lice free.  Our sincere thanks to the staff of DeLiceful!

Dr. Roger Bloom, Principal of Island Trees Memorial Middle School
December 10, 2015

DeLiceful was recommended to me by my pediatrician when he spotted head lice in my daughter’s hair.  He told me that he brought his children to DeLiceful when they had lice.  So I figured if DeLiceful treated my doctor’s family, then I should follow suit.  Well, the best decision I made.  It turns out that 4 of my kids plus myself had head lice.  What a nightmare it would have been to treat on my own.  First of all, I couldn’t even treat myself – and I couldn’t rely on my husband.  After about 4 hours, my whole family was lice free.  It was definitely worth the trip driving from Montauk – yes, we live all the way out there – to DeLiceful in Hauppauge.

Monica of Montauk
December 10, 2015

What a delightful experience at DeLiceful!  This was the first time my daughter contacted lice in her hair.  I immediately took her to DeLiceful for a check.  I was able to get a head check for my daughter even though I didn’t have an appointment.  My daughter was indeed infested with nits (eggs).  DeLiceful was able to squeeze my daughter in for treatment.  DeLiceful’s salon is super clean with a beautiful flat screen TV; with a full library of children’s DVDs to keep them entertained.  There is also lots of treats for your child while they are having their treatment done, which took approximately 2 hours.  The staff at DeLiceful are so pleasant and knowledgeable.  They truly made this unpleasant experience a GREAT one!  I truly recommend DeLiceful.  It’s piece of mind to know that DeLiceful is here.  Thank you very much!!!

Lisa of Wantagh
December 8, 2015

The school nurse called me telling me about someone in my daughter’s class had lice.  She said she checked my daughter’s head and saw some white stuff but was not sure.  I brought my daughter to DeLiceful.  It was my first time in this situation.  My daughter is 9 years old and I also have a 5 year old.  I was a nervous wreck!  The staff at DeLiceful were very, very knowledgeable and very comforting.  The DeLiceful salon has a big television with kid-friendly movies, candy, pretzels, drinks, coffee, etc.  Both of my girls were treated for lice and they didn’t complain at all!  The staff talked them through the whole process.  DeLiceful absolutely made this bad experience not so bad after all.  I would definitely recommend DeLiceful to all my friends and family.  Thank you very much DeLiceful for coming to my rescue!!

Debbie of Wantagh
December 7th, 2015

I can’t thank Kristie, Sophia and Kathy enough – the staff at DeLiceful.  DeLiceful made a stressful situation actually pleasant and “deliceful”.  My 2-year old twin girls both sat in the chairs and were happy the entire time they were being treated.  DeLiceful was helpful and professional.  Truly a blessing.  Happy holidays!

Monica of East Northport
December 1, 2015

I was recommend to DeLiceful by the principal of my eldest daughter’s school.    I called DeLiceful and was given an appointment right away.  The atmosphere at the DeLiceful salon was very friendly for the kids.  They were offered snacks and drinks.  The staff even offered us coffee and tea.  My daughters watched TV while being treated for head lice.  Once we were all lice free, we were given instructions on how to stay lice free.  I would highly recommend DeLiceful to anybody that needs this service.

Susan of Levittown
November 30, 2015

This is our first time using DeLiceful and they are absolutely a wonderful company.  DeLiceful is professional, knowledgeable, and very nice!  When we had confirmation that a student at our center had lice, we called DeLiceful right away.  They immediately booked an appointment to come in to our school and check all the faculty and students free of charge.  They provided us with the knowledge we were looking for and answered all of our questions.  We would like to thank DeLiceful for their quick and immediate assistance.

Tutor Time of Lindenhurst
November 19, 2015

Love.. love DeLiceful’ new Bellmore location.  What a relief it was to go right to DeLiceful when there was an outbreak in my daughter’s school.  The nurse said she found nits and things moving in my daughter’s hair.  Being a past satisfied customer of DeLiceful, I was ready to drive over to their Great Neck location when I was pleasantly surprised to hear they just opened in Bellmore.  I was prepared to hear that once again my daughter got lice.  But the school nurse was wrong!  My daughter was lice free!  DeLiceful is very honest.  It would have been easy for them to just treat my daughter but they didn’t.  Congrats DeLiceful on your Bellmore location.

Shari of Merrick
November 5th, 2015

All I can say is what a difference!  I went to a competitor of DeLiceful’s because I didn’t want to drive the extra few miles and this place was near my home town.  I just didn’t have a good feeling leaving this other place after paying a good sum of money.  All they did was put conditioner in my hair and comb for about 30 minutes and I was done.  Now I have very curly, long hair.  I was surprised when I was done so quickly.  They never even wore magnifying glasses when they treated me.  So when I got home, I washed out the conditioner and called DeLiceful.  I didn’t even tell DeLiceful I went somewhere else; I just said I wanted a head check.  Well, guess what they found when they ran the lice comb through my hair… nits and a baby bug.  Well, I was very upset.  The staff at DeLiceful calmed me down and told me how they treat a case of head lice.  Not only do they use the lice comb to comb through the hair, but they also dry your hair.  Then using magnifying glasses 5x their eyesight, they go through the hair strand-by-strand.  At that point I had DeLiceful treat me the right way.  I won’t even waste my time going back to that other company for their so-called recheck.  DeLiceful is my “go-to” head lice removal company and should be yours — even if you have to drive 100 miles out of your way.  Well worth it.

Karen of Babylon
October 31, 2015

We tried everything… at-home kits, store bought mint spray, combing, and even applied toxic Lindane.  Our angel came in the form of the most delightful lady named Kathy Zappulla.  Kathy and her staff at DeLiceful worked on 3 people in my family at a late hour on a Sunday.  Kathy took the shame out of having lice.  She taught us everything we needed to know for future occurrences.  I highly recommend DeLiceful to anybody struggling with lice.  It is truly the ONLY way to get rid of lice once and for all.  Chrissy and Kathy are awesome!  Thank you.

Courtney of Nesconset
October 26, 2015

Please don’t waste your money on the over-the-counter treatments, on the prescription Sklice – been there, did it.  And you know what, it didn’t work.  I ended up wasting all that money and going to a professional anyway.  Yes, I went to a professional lice removal company called DeLiceful.  I wish I wasn’t so head strong at the beginning thinking I could do this on my own — I was wrong – and I don’t admit that quite often.  But the time and money that I wasted on all these so called lice removal products was ridiculous.  DeLiceful was worth every dollar I paid – just to have all the lice removed for once and for all.

Jackie of Roslyn Heights
October 18, 2015

After reading about “Long Island’s leading expert on head lice, Kathy Zappulla”  in the Sunday Newsday, I knew I had to go to DeLiceful the next day when the school nurse called to say my daughter had lice.  And I’m so glad I did!  The DeLiceful staff knew everything there is to know about lice.  Plus they were so thorough.  My daughter had lice last year and I brought her somewhere else – big difference.  DeLiceful, not only did such a great job combing my daughter’s hair with the lice comb, but they also went through her hair strand-by-strand.  I knew I might the right choice.

Renee of Port Jefferson Station
October 5, 2015

Yesterday when I called DeLiceful about a family in need, Kathy Zappulla’s response of “we need to give back to our community,” touched my heart.  DeLiceful’s outpouring of generosity and kindness was refreshing in a time that it is not often seen.  When I heard from the parent yesterday that DeLiceful treated the entire family (something I didn’t ask for), I was speechless.  I wasn’t even aware that there was an additional sibling.  DeLiceful’s generosity did more than help this one child… DeLiceful helped a family and school community.  Thank you for being the company that you are… a company that not only took care of a delicate and uncomfortable situation, but one that did it with humility and generosity.

Allison Ackerman, School Principal – Island Trees Public Schools
October 9, 2015

I would like to thank Kathy and her staff at DeLiceful for such a fantastic service… especially Jackie.  Not only did DeLiceful get my  girls and I into their comfortable salon ASAP, they were so kind and informative.  As a hairdresser myself, I was shocked about how much I didn’t know about lice and how knowledgeable DeLiceful is.  I felt like I knew the staff at DeLiceful a long time — that’s how comfortable they made my family.  DeLiceful will be the place I recommend to all my clients.

Nina of Levittown
October 8, 2015

I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at DeLiceful.  I called and spoke to Kathy and she immediately put my mind at ease.  She was able to book an appointment for my daughter and I for the very same night!  Kathy, Chrissy and Jackie made my daughter and I feel so comfortable.  My daughter was entertained with an iPad and TV.  She also loved the candy corn!  I loved the conversation and helpful information.  I finally feel wonderful again.  I am stress free!  My daughter is so excited to feel lice free!  I highly recommend all parents and caretakers to bring their families and friends to DeLiceful.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Michelle of Mastic
September 16, 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  When I discovered that my daughter brought lice home from camp I panicked! When I found out that she had shared it with me I nearly lost my mind.  I called DeLiceful on a Wednesday evening at 6 pm and spoke to Joanne; she told me not to panic and arranged for me to be treated 8 pm that very night.  Chris took care of me and sent me on my way lice free, only two hours later.  She was so calm and compassionate; I really needed that.  Kristie treated my daughter the next day.  In a matter of hours my lice-catastrophe was over thanks to these wonderful DeLiceful ladies.  When we went back for our follow-up recheck appointment, Chris, Kristie and Christine checked us out and confirmed we were unequivocally free of head lice!  I’m so grateful that there are people who can help in a crisis like this.  I know millions of kids and parents get head lice every year and I know that lice are not a major health threat, but it seems like such a big deal when you’re going through it.  The ladies at DeLiceful calmed me down and dealt with my family’s problem with no fuss but expertise.  I have recommended DeLiceful to every parent I’ve spoken to since.  If this ever happens to our family again (fingers crossed that it won’t), I will RUN to DeLiceful!

Courtney of East Setauket
September 15, 2015

I cannot thank you enough, DeLiceful.  I was horrified to find lice in not only my 3 year,  5 year, 7 year, and 9 year old children, but myself as well!  I called DeLiceful after remembering an ad I saw at my daughter’s preschool and I’m so glad I did.  Chrissy and Kristie were amazing and thorough.  They worked great together double checking each others’ work and I left the DeLiceful salon with peace of mind knowing I had made the right choice.  Do not let the pricing throw you off.  I treated my youngest daughter first, and after and 1 1/2 hours she still had lice the next day.  I felt terrible when I saw how red her scalp was from the chemicals in the store bought brand.   Between the iPads, TV, candy and movies, the kids thought they were on vacation.  We also suffer from eczema and the products were so gentle that I actually think they are helping the eczema.  Thank you, DeLiceful, for making an extremely stressful time painless for my family.  I will refer you to whoever needs the service.  PS:  I sent my husband to DeLiceful, 2 days after we were treated (he couldn’t get there earlier because of work so I made him sleep on the couch with a shower cap… LOL).  He was lice free but also impressed with your head lice technicians and business.  Best of luck, DeLiceful..  and thank you again!

Michelle of New Hyde Park
September 14, 2015

I was so embarrassed when I found out that my kids had head lice and then mortified when I found out that I had it also.  So I called a company that comes to your house to treat lice.. my first mistake!  I thought I was doing the right thing and being discreet by having a professional nit picker come to my house, but I was so wrong.  She was not professional at all.  She was not thorough at all.  After she spent hours at my kitchen table treating me and my 2 daughters, I find out the next day from my daughter’s cheer coach that my daughter still had nits.  Now my daughter was mortified!  I called this so-called lice company again, and was told I had to pay again to get treated again.  I was livid!  That’s when my daughter’s friend told us about DeLiceful.  I knew from the minute we walked through the door at DeLiceful we were in good hands.  DeLiceful was so professional and thorough.  When they combed through my daughters’ hair, I couldn’t believe all the nits that came out…. and they were just treated the night before.  After combing and combing, DeLiceful then dried our hair and went through our hair strand-by-strand… something this “other” company never did.  My daughters and I were so relieved when we left DeLiceful.  When we left DeLiceful not only did we leave our nits and bugs there, but I also left my embarrassment.  Because lice can happen to anyone.  Like DeLiceful says…  Lice happens!  No blame… no shame!

Paula of Kings Park
September 13, 2015

Lice — it’s a word that usually causes grown men and women to shudder with dread!  That’s exactly how I felt when my daughter brought them home.  She started scratching, and fearing the possibility, I started checking.  There they were… UGH!  After all the screaming and painful combing, I realized I could not go through weeks of this — with ALL of us.  I wanted “them”… lice out of my house — out of our heads and my life!!  I called DeLiceful and we went the following morning.  From the moment we were greeted, my kids though they were in a spa.  The 4 hours we were at DeLiceful, were a treat for my kids!  They watched movies, ate snacks, played on iPads, all while Chrissy and the other ladies were methodically combing through our heads strand by strand, removing everything.  Chrissy even instructed me on what the little I had to do at home – cause lice can’t live off the head for more than 24/36 hours.  We loved DeLiceful’s shampoo, conditioner and detangler mint spray and continue to use them.  Knowing other families in our school continued to battle the reoccurrence of lice, I was relieved when at the 2-week recheck, all was gone!  My kids were actually disappointed that they couldn’t stay at DeLiceful longer!  My kids still talk about how great their experience was at DeLiceful, and they tell everyone about it.  While I didn’t enjoy the annoyance of head lice, I won’t shudder with dread the next time my kids get it.  I will just go to DeLiceful!  Thanks!

J.C. of Smithtown
September 12, 2015

DeLiceful, you are a lifesaver in every aspect!  Chrissy, my head lice technician, was not only nice to my daughter and I, but made us comfortable knowing we finally came to the right place.  We previously were going to another lice place in Port Washington and they constantly told me that my daughter was fine after they treated her, when she wasn’t.  After watching what Chrissy and the other girls at DeLiceful do to treat head lice – they are so thorough when looking for evidence of lice – there is no doubt that the DeLiceful treatment of lice works!  DeLiceful, we can’t thank you enough for your time, education, hospitality, and your products that are superior to any that we have used in the past.  Thank you for taking care of our needs at a very, very bad time.  DeLiceful, you are, and will be highly recommended for anyone asking for lice assistance.

Madison of Manhasset
September 10, 2015

God sent me an angel the day I walked into DeLiceful.  The staff and owner, Kathy were so nice and friendly.  I was in complete panic mode when I discovered that my 4 children had head lice, plus my husband and myself.  I didn’t know where or who to turn to.  When I came across DeLiceful on the internet, I gave DeLiceful a call and spoke to the owner, Kathy who was so helpful and put me at ease immediately as she explained everything to me step-by-step.  I was able to get an appointment for all of us immediately.  As soon as we arrived at DeLiceful’s cute cottage, we were welcomed with all smiles and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.  The place was super clean with a large screen TV for the kids to watch and iPads for them to play with.  It really was a welcoming experience for a family of 6.  We all got the lice treatment and it was so worth it.  We are all now lice free!  On a scale from 1 to 10, I give DeLiceful a 10!  No need to look any further, DeLiceful is the BEST!

Rose of Floral Park
September 7, 2015

Sooo… the moment I had dreaded had finally arrived –LICE!  AAAAHHHH! Ok… deep breaths!  I noticed little brown things in my son’s hair and almost lost my mind.  I ran out and bought Nix.  I did both my kids’ hair as well as my own – being almost bald came in handy for my husband.  The Nix stunk but I didn’t care as long as it got rid of these critters.  I spent hours and hours of combing (now I know why nit pickers charge a lot of money — so time consuming)… but I did it.   The next morning my son woke up itching like crazy.  I checked his head and I really didn’t see anything but he was scratching like crazy.  I didn’t want to take any changes so I researched nit picking places to go.  After seeing a few places in Brooklyn, I decided to travel to Great Neck to try DeLiceful because they had the best rates and NO negative reviews…  plus the name was pretty cute.  We arrived at DeLiceful’s cutest little cottage and the inside was even nicer — set up like a nice salon.  Very, very, clean and child friendly.  I went first, Rosa, our nit picker spent a ton of time combing through my hair — luckily finding nothing and then went strand by strand checking for bugs and nits.  Extremely thorough!  And she had on special magnifying glasses too.  Then my two kids went — luckily again finding nothing.  DeLiceful was extremely honest and told me we were lice free!  Rosa could have easily said we had something in our heads because I was so crazy about getting rid of these little critters, but she didn’t.  When I was researching lice companies, other places had reviews that people felt forced into treatments and/or buying products whether they had lice or not.  DeLiceful was totally NOT like that at all — not like these other companies I read about.  I’m so glad I decided to drive all the way to Great Neck to go to DeLiceful.  I highly recommend DeLiceful.  I had a great experience, my kids did too.  All their products are non-toxic plus DeLiceful provided me with instructions on what to do if you do get lice and all the myths and facts associated with lice.

Sara of Brooklyn
August 21, 2015

I was horrified to discover that my daughter and I both had lice.  I immediately went on-line and knew, just by seeing their website, DeLiceful was the right place for us.  Their website is cheery and yet very informative.  I answered most of my own questions even before placing the call by reading DeLiceful’s website.  I felt confident this situation would be resolved immediately — and that was just from their website!  Once I placed the call, my experience with DeLiceful even got better.  It started with Joanne– she was nice, friendly, patient, caring, funny…  I can go on and on.  Joanne is the PERSON on the other end of the phone, who believes in the company she represents, not someone just doing their job.  Joanne made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease through this unpleasant experience.  She made my appointment that was convenient for me that same day and off my family went to DeLiceful.  We arrived and continued to be pleased with the salon.  My 4-year old watched a movie on a big screen TV while I was next to her being checked simultaneously.  Manisha and Jackie were our technicians, and I could not have been happier with them both.  They were friendly, comforting, informative and funny!  They were efficient and sent us home lice free!  We were already happy at this point….  but we went back for our complimentary recheck a few days later.  That was when we met Chrissy.  She was warm, “deliceful” :), funny and very patient.  Chrissy was excellent with my daughter and made sure she was comfortable and happy.  I have absolutely NO complaints… not one.  I do not even have any suggestions that can make the experience at DeLiceful any better than they already are.  I hope I do not have to go through this experience again, but if I do….  the ONLY place I will trust and go to is DeLiceful.  We thank you all!

Kimberly of Howard Beach
August 17, 2015

I want to thank Joanne at DeLiceful for being so patient and kind as I spoke to her on the phone when I found out that my daughter and myself had lice.  I was so scared and freaked out, but Joanne calmed me and assured me that I was going to be okay.  When I arrived at DeLiceful, Chrissy was amazing and so helpful.  She answered every question I had, even if I asked it again!  She was great with my daughter who was so scared.  The environment of the DeLiceful salon was so kid-friendly and clean.  Chrissy gave us good advice for the future and provided us with amazing service.  I left feeling so much better.  Thank you, Joanne and Chrissy, you both were amazing!

Toni-Ann of Sayville
August 15, 2015

I received that dreaded phone call from my son’s camp that he had lice.  I immediately went to the computer and googled information about lice and found DeLiceful.  I’m so relieved that I didn’t waste money on Rid – like I did the first time my daughter had lice.  Instead this time I wanted a trained professional to treat my son.  It was the best decision I made!  In only 1 hour he was clean and rid of his lice and back at camp!  My advice to you, call DeLiceful and let a professional take care of your head lice problem.

Mindy of Port Washington
July 22nd, 2015

I was so happy having my kids “deliced” at DeLiceful! From the minute I spoke to Joanne when I booked my appointment, to the end when Rosa put my daughter’s hair in a bun and declared her lice free, I was totally at ease since DeLiceful made the removal process such a DeLiceful experience.  I could NEVER have accomplished what the professionals at DeLiceful did.  It was well worth the expense since now I can sit back and relax knowing my kids are lice free.

Stacey of Hauppauge
July 1st, 2015

What an amazing experience! DeLiceful took a situation that I was completely unprepared to handle and actually made it a pleasant visit, regardless of the reason we were there. My daughter loathes having her hair brushed at all. She has a full head of long, thick hair that does nothing but get tangled. Chrissy, DeLiceful’s lice technician, was super sweet and patient, and handled my daughter so well. I was in shock with my daughter’s behavior. Not a single cry was heard from my child. I highly recommend DeLiceful to anyone and everyone who encounters a lice problem. You won’t be disappointed! Our lice problem was completely taken care of and the recheck 7 days later was a success! Thank you so much, DeLiceful!

Christie of Setuaket
May 7, 2015

Much to my horror, the night before Easter I find lice in my daughter’s hair.   I Googled and found a company that comes to your house to treat. So I call this other company and make an appointment for the next morning     In the meantime I’m instructed to put olive oil in my daughter’s hair overnight.     The next morning this other company calls and cancels!!   Can you imagine???   That’s when I went back to Google and found DeLiceful…   what a blessing!   They answered the phone early Easter morning and took me in right away.   What a professional company DeLiceful is!   They even helped me wash out the olive oil from my daughter’s head.   DeLiceful is a class-act company; they absolutely know the right technique to get rid of head lice.   Do not bother with these other fly by night companies.   When you have head lice, call DeLiceful.   And by the way, olive oil should only be used for cooking or in a salad — not to get rid of head lice.
Lorraine of Bridgehampton
April 22, 2015

I am very satisfied with the treatment, cleanliness, politeness, and expertise that I received at DeLiceful. An experience that was stressful was made much easier. I am very happy with DeLiceful’s service.
Antonia of Centerport
March 15, 2015

My daughter had lice and we brought her to DeLiceful.   DeLiceful treated her hair with their non-toxic products and within a few hours she was lice free. The DeLiceful staff was very friendly and thoroughly explained what we should do when we got home.  My daughter was kept occupied with an iPad, TV and treats while the staff was removing her infestation. She did not complain once during her lice treatment.   I would recommend to  go to DeLiceful for a safe and painless removal of lice.
Tracey of Lake Grove
February 3, 2015

I had brought my 2 daughters to another lice treatment place which I would like to name but the owner of DeLiceful won’t let me.   I paid a fortune at this other place and my daughters still had lice.   I called the woman back when the school nurse showed me the nits, and was given an appointment to come back the next day.   She won’t even let me come back with my daughters after she treated them and they weren’t allowed in school.   I showed up the next day to find the place closed.   I call the owner who tells me she will be there in  3 hours.   She didn’t even care that I had an appointment for her to recheck them!   I was so frustrated and angry, and that’s when my friend told me about DeLiceful .   I called DeLiceful from the parking lot of this other unprofessional lice place, and they had me come right over. Big difference in  everything:   from the minute I called DeLiceful, to the beautiful lice treatment salon, to the way they properly and thoroughly treated my girls’ head.   Yes I had to pay again, but it was well worth it.   My daughters are lice free and back in school.   Next time I will only call DeLiceful… and you should too.
Maria of Huntington
January 26, 2015

After buying over-the-counter treatments and spending hours on my children’s hair, I noticed the following morning there were still signs of lice.   Through a friend, we had a card for DeLiceful and we contacted them immediately.   Upon arriving at their adorable treatment facility which is in a discreet location, the staff that greeted us was very pleasant and professional.   They thoroughly checked all 3 of my kids’ hair; all the while keeping me informed of what they found or didn’t find on each child.   Once we knew which child needed to be treated, they spent lots of time methodically checking and combing out every inch of my girl’s long hair until all satisfied there was nothing left.   Then they dried her hair and went through the hair again.   I left DeLiceful with a new knowledge of head lice:   cause and affect; how to remove lice properly; and most important, how to help prevent future cases.   I would highly recommend DeLiceful to any one who might think or knows they have head lice.   For peace of mind, let DeLiceful check and treat the right way.   You will receive outstanding results from DeLiceful.
Peter of Manhasset Hills
January 4, 2015

I heard about DeLiceful from my child’s school.   DeLiceful made what has been a nightmare very comfortable.   The staff was fantastic and so friendly… and very knowledgeable.   DeLiceful made this nightmare a very pleasant experience.   I will definitely recommend DeLiceful to everyone who has to deal with lice.   I am so grateful for all DeLiceful did for me and my family.   Thanks so very much!
Ava of Ronkonkoma
December 18, 2014

What a great staff and wonderful atmosphere.   My daughter had long hair that was severely infested.   DeLiceful was fantastic at making our head lice problem go away.   My daughter never complained while being treated by DeLiceful.   But when I was trying to treat her at home, it was a disaster.   The staff was very polite, courteous and very informative.   If my daughter ever gets lice again, I won’t waste a second trying to treat her on my own.   We go back to DeLiceful immediatey.
Gabriella of St. James
December 1, 2014


I called DeLiceful at 5 pm in a panic after 4 days of my head itching and then my friend confirming she had lice.   I spoke to Joanne, and she was extremely helpful but most importantly, calming.   She arranged a 6 pm appointment for me the same night, as I told her I wanted an appointment as soon as possible.   The DeLiceful salon was clean, cute and comfortable with a giant flat screen TV for their clients (not to mention: coffee, snacks, water, iPads)!   The woman who treated me for lice, Chrissy was honest, professional, and confident.   She was also very knowledgeable and informative.   She took her time going through my hair  strand-by-strand to make sure I was lice free when I left.   I left with DeLiceful’s shampoo, mint spray, and a lice comb.   Plus they provided me with DeLiceful’s step-by-step instruction sheet and facts.   But most importantly, I left with “peace of mind”.   I look forward to my complimentary 5-day recheck.   This place made the absolute best of an extremely uncomfortable situation.   Simply put:   DeLiceful was definitely delightful!!
Adelia of Great Neck
November 14, 2014


It’s the first week of school and I’m already dealing with lice!   The school nurse gave me DeLiceful’s number and I called them immediately.   What an amazing place!   The staff was so caring and calming.   My daughter loved DeLiceful and so did I.   I’m so glad I didn’t tackle this lice problem on my own — I’m so glad I listened to the school nurse.   My daughter was lice free in a couple of hours and so was I.   So when you get the call your kid has lice…   go straight to DeLiceful!   Don’t bother treating on your own.
Denise of Massapequa
September 11, 2014

When you have a head full of lice,
You don’t have to panic… you shouldn’t think twice!
Head over to DeLiceful, where they’ll treat you just great.
They’ll mousse and spray your hair out straight.
They’ll comb out the lice and the nits out too….
Their products smell nice and so will you!
So if you find yourself in my shoes,
Let the caring staff use their special moves!
They are the BEST….   take it from me!
Call DeLiceful at 773-4333!
Natalie of Port Washington
September 10, 2014

DeLiceful was fabulous!   I had called a few pediatricians to get a recommendation but no one had a reference.   I loved DeLiceful’s website and decided to go to them.   DeLiceful’s salon was so clean, kid-friendly, and calm.   This was my daughter’s second time with lice and DeLiceful made it painless.   I would definitely come back to DeLiceful again and recommend them highly.   DeLiceful was the best for children and parents!
Lily of Nesconset
September 5, 2014

I have brought my daughter to the Great Neck location several times.   DeLiceful is a very professional business with a very comfortable and convenient location.   I will definitely keep coming back each time my daughter is exposed to lice because DeLiceful gives me quick appointments as soon as I call.   Plus I am very satisfied with their customer service and their prices.
Helena of Roslyn
August 23, 2014

My experience with DeLiceful was truly “delightful”.   I called at 7:30 am and Joanne was very helpful.   I was surprised that someone even answered the phone at that hour.   She was very patient with me and my multiple questions.   She was able to get me an appointment quickly, within hours.   Jackie, the head lice technician, was able to recognize nits in my hair and explained to me the process that would take place.   Christine, another DeLiceful employee, was wonderful.   She was very thorough.   The time that it took to check every hair on my head passed by quickly as Christine entertained me with interesting stories and lice facts.   She was able to check and treat my daughter during that visit.   Usually my daughter has a tender scalp and cries during haircuts, but my daughter did not have one tear while being treated for head lice because Christine was so gentle.   The atmosphere at DeLiceful was very comfortable:   tv, snacks and drinks for the kids and adults; educational material; and products are available to purchase to help fight lice.
Lisa of Sag Harbor
August 14, 2014

My grandkids came to visit after they came home from camp and gave me a wonderful gift….   head lice!   I was very overwhelmed until I called DeLiceful.   It was totally worth every penny.   I could never have gotten rid of the lice on my own.
Mary of Selden
July 31, 2014

I am a school nurse at a Long Island elementary school, the name of which I cannot divulge.   I called DeLiceful because of a student who has had chronic head lice for the entire school year and missed more days of school than days attended.   Unfortunately this child comes from a broken home with only extended relatives to take care of her.   I called DeLiceful for some helpful advice that I could pass along to this child’s family so that they can try and treat her head lice problem correctly; therefore maybe she could return to school.   Well, from the minute Joanne of DeLiceful answered the phone, I was overwhelmed with the kindness she showed me when I recapped the little girl’s story for her.   Joanne offered DeLiceful’s services for free to treat this little girl and check all 12 of the family members that reside in the home. DeLiceful not only treated this girl but educated her family so that their head lice headache does not return.   Thanks, DeLiceful for helping out our community and this little girl’s family!   DeLiceful now performed a Random Act of Kindess – now it’s your turn!
School Nurse, RN
February 14, 2014

DeLiceful is a top-notch organization!   Lice technicians, Anna and Rosa definitely made a scary situation DeLiceful.   I would HIGHLY recommend DeLiceful to anyone who may have or think they have lice.   Anna and Rosa both went above and beyond what I expected with a head lice treatment.
Amanda of Medford
February 13, 2014

I am a mom of 3 girls with tons of thick, long hair.   My one daughter said, “Mom, I’m itchy,” so I did a head check on her and found 3 bugs.   I knew how to do a head check from dealing with head lice 3 years ago and coming to DeLiceful.    DeLiceful taught me the proper way to check for lice.   However this time when I found lice on my daughter, I went to a local establishment – a competitor of DeLiceful – just out of convenience because they were in the neighborhood.    After paying a lot of money, we went on our merry way thinking we were lice free.   NOT TRUE!   I took my daughter back to school and upon the school nurse checking her head, she found nits on her hair right away!   So back to this other company we went for them to remove the nits that they left in my daughter’s head.    The next day we head back to school, go directly to the school nurse, and AGAIN she finds nits in my daughter’s hair!   Now I’m upset, angry and mad at myself for not going to DeLiceful in the first place.   I immediately called Kathy at DeLiceful, where she graciously had me and my daughters come in.   DeLiceful treated my one daughter the right way and did head checks on me and my other two daughters to make sure we were lice free.   I will ONLY refer friends, neighbors, relatives, EVERYONE to DeLiceful.   Kathy and her staff at DeLiceful are delightful, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful.   Plus they know how to treat a head lice infestion the correct way – the first time!   Thank you, DeLiceful for putting an end to my horrific week!
Jennifer of East Setauket
February 7, 2014

Just when you think dealing with the snow was bad enough, I see my son scratching his head non-stop.   I took a look at his hair and thought it was snowing in his head — he had lice!   I freaked out and went to my local pharmacy.   When the woman behind the counter saw me buying the products, she told me about DeLiceful because she used DeLiceful when her daughter had lice.   Well, I thought I could tackle this problem on my own, so I bought some organic lice products.   After hours of torturing my son, I called my pediatrician for some type of prescription to use and that’s when my pediatrician recommended DeLiceful too!   Now for sure I knew I had to call DeLiceful when I have two professionals, a pediatrician and a pharmacist both recommending DeLiceful’s services.   I have to say what a relief it was to go to DeLiceful!   They took care of my son, and much to my horror, my head lice infestation.   Obviously if you are reading these testimonials you are dealing with head lice too…   stop reading…   call DeLiceful today!   I promise you…   it’s the BEST decision you will make.   Good luck!
Carrie of Fort Salonga
January 25, 2014

The nicest  people work for DeLiceful – from making the appointment with Joanne, to Rosa in the Great Neck location.   DeLiceful made this “yucky” situation delightful.   I HIGHLY recommend DeLiceful!
Felice of Roslyn
January 8, 2014

Tis the season to be jolly -or- so I thought!   That is until  my daughter came home with head lice.   First I ran out to CVS and treated her with everything I  could grab off the shelf. Then she went back to school.   Then the school nurse sent her home again.   Had a lice company come to my house and spent A LOT of $$; thought the problem was taken care of.   Sent my daughter to school.   AGAIN the school nurse calls..   “come pick her up!”   I was at my wits end!   That’s when I called DeLiceful and I was sure glad I did.   What a difference from the “other lice company” I used.   DeLiceful spent so much time going through my daughter’s hair; I was amazed how many nits were left in her hair after being treated by that “other lice company”.   Now I sent my daughter to school and the school nurse did NOT call!   So I can start my holiday shopping with peace of mind and lice-free hair…   all thanks to DeLiceful!   Don’t waste your valuable time using these other lice companies or even trying to treat on your own…   call DeLiceful today.   Believe me…. you’ll see that DeLiceful is the #1 lice removal company around!   Happy holidays to the staff of DeLiceful!!
Christiana of Manhasset
December 5, 2013

Excellent experience overall!   From the first phone call with Joanne, to the professional services of Anna and Michelle – everything was fantastic!   The lice removal business is definitely legit!   There is no rush; DeLiceful knows how to keep the kids well entertained; the lice removal process is so thorough!   Your family leaves DeLiceful bug and nit free.   Anna and Michelle were a pleasure to have as my lice technicans and I would highly recommend DeLiceful to everyone who has this common annoyance.
Nicole of East Hampton
December 5, 2013

I called DeLiceful at 5 pm and they had just closed!   I told them I thought my daughter had lice and they said, “Come right in!”.   Anna K. and Ana B. checked our heads and immediately began treating us.   What a POSITIVE experience!
Mary of Patchogue
December 3, 2013

I don’t know what I would have done without DeLiceful!   We felt so good walking out of their salon knowing that we were lice free.   We now have all the tools and knowledge to prevent us from getting lice again.   All in all, DeLiceful definitely made a very unpleasant experience not as unpleasant in the end.   Thanks, DeLiceful.
F.J.L. of Manorville
November 23, 2013

The women at DeLiceful were extremely nice and did a great job at getting rid of the eggs in my kids’ hair.   This is our 2nd visit to DeLiceful and we will continue to use them when needed.
Maureen of Sayville
November 20, 2013

When I had lice, it was scary but DeLiceful didn’t make it scary.   I had a fun time at DeLiceful!!
Erin (8 yrs old) of Sayville
November 20, 2013

I heard Kathy of DeLiceful speak at a PTA meeting at my school and she really “wowed” the crowd with lots of information, facts, stories etc. about head lice.   So for me it was a no-brainer to call DeLiceful when my daughter was sent home from school with lice.   DeLiceful is an excellent head lice removal salon — everything about DeLiceful is professional.   To me…   DeLiceful is #1 in head lice removal on Long Island!   Go…   DeLiceful!
Joanne of New Hyde Park
November 10, 2013

DeLiceful came highly recommended to me by my daughter’s school nurse.   The nurse saw how horrified I was to learn about my daughter’s head lice problem and immediately told me about this great head lice removal company.   I called immediately and DeLiceful was so accommodating and so calming.   Before I even arrived at DeLiceful’s salon I was feeling better about this horrifying problem.   So imagine how good I felt when my daughter was lice free after a couple of hours.   DeLiceful really does “make a scary situation DeLiceful”.   I recommend DeLiceful to everyone!
Amy  of Great Neck
November 6, 2013

This is my third time to DeLiceful – yes, my kids had lice 3 times! Each time I come to DeLiceful, I am amazed how calming and professional the DeLiceful staff is plus their child-friendly salon.   DeLiceful are the BEST at getting ridding of your head lice problem!   I wouldn’t go any where else and I would not attempt to get rid of lice on my own.   I tried the first time but it was a big waste of $$ and time.   DeLiceful are professional nit pickers.
Karen of Stony Brook
November 2, 2013

I had just had my 3 boys treated for head lice by a woman who came to my home with this gadget that blows out the lice.   She promised me that my boys were lice free after paying big bucks for this treatment in the privacy of my own home.   Well…   mistake!   I’m so happy that I decided to go to the movies and I saw a commerical for DeLiceful and thought…   “that’s where I have to take my boys” and I’m so glad that I did.   We have been battling head lice for weeks.   DeLiceful was so professionally and extremely thorough.   They did the job in removing head lice the right way…   the DeLiceful way!
Joan  of Fresh Meadows
October 5, 2013

The best thing I decided to do was to to DeLiceful!   Ana B. was just wonderful.   My daughter’s hair was really bad; I had tried myself to get rid of the lice with no luck.   I came to DeLiceful and my daughter is now LICE FREE!   Ana worked on her head for over 5 hours.   She’s been rechecked twice with no lice in sight…   thanks to DeLiceful and especially Ana.
Anonymous of Lake Grave
October 1, 2013

After working in the NYC Public School System for over 20 years, I thought I had caught everything from colds, Fifth’s Disease, rashes, etc…   but I was wrong.   My end-of-the-schol year “thank you” present was head lice.   At first, having chronic dry skin all my adult life, I thought it was an itchy scalp.   I used Head & Shoulders and scheduled a visit to the dermatologist.   He stated it was “Inflammatory Dandruff” and prescribed me an $80 special shampoo (not covered by insurance) which I used to no avail.   After a few weeks passed, still itching, I went online and found DeLiceful.   I scheduled an appointment just to put my mind at ease and confirm it was an itchy scalp.   I spoke with Joanne who was amazing!   She gave me therapy and comfort over the phone… being that my anxiety was at an all time high.   After visiting the Great Neck location, my worst fears were confirmed…   I had head lice!   And not only did I have it, but one of my two boys had it as well.   We were treated expertly and received amazing care.   It was private, professional, friendly, and above all, life-saving.   It is worth EVERY penny and their products are excellent.   I will now make visiting the DeLiceful salon part of my end-of-year and back-to-school routines just to alleviate anxiety.   This horrible experience was made much better by DeLiceful…   a blessing!
Regina of Whitestone
August 27, 2013

Ciao!   I come to America to visit relatives on Long Island and I find out not only did I bring Italian treats from  Italy but my 4 kids had head lice!   Can you imagine my embarrassment when my cousin – who I haven’t seen in 4 years tells me that my kids might have lice.   But my cousin did not panic because she knew of DeLiceful.   She immediately called DeLiceful and we went straight to their salon at 8 pm at night.   I was shocked when DeLiceful told me I had it too.   I just had my hair colored for our big trip.   My one daughter was infested with lots of bugs and nits; but by the time we left DeLiceful everyone was lice free!   DeLiceful made our trip to USA worth while cause now my children went home to Italy LICE FREE!   Ciao, bella, DeLiceful!   Arrivederci!
Gabriella of Milan, Italy
August 25, 2013

How do you think I felt when I received a text from my daughter’s best friend’s mom saying…    “OMG, Kelly has lice!   Check your daughter’s head”!   I definitely knew my daughter had to have it!   They just had a sleepover!   The mom told me she just came back from DeLiceful & I should call immediately and bring in my daughter.   Well I did call ASAP and told them that my daughter has been scratching non-stop and she must definitely have lice…   I need help right away!   DeLiceful got me right in and much to my amazement, they told me my daughter did NOT have lice!!   That’s right…   she did NOT have it!   I definitely thought my daughter had lice, I told the staff at DeLiceful to just begin treating her.   But that’s not what they do.   They first perform an initial head check and told me they don’t see any evidence of lice.   Then they went hair by hair, through her whole head and told me my daughter was LICE FREE!   I couldn’t believe it!   DeLiceful could have easily have said that she had lice and I would have thought so too!   But they were so honest!!   DeLiceful is definitely a great professional and HONEST business!!
Anne of Port Jefferson
May 8, 2013

When I found out my kids had lice, I called a bunch of lice companies to get info and pricing.   I had no idea what to do or what I was in for.   The woman Joanne at DeLiceful was so calming.   She informed me of what to do and NOT to do – like ripping my house apart and cleaning it was so unnecessary.   Other companies put such a fear in me but not DeLiceful.   They were extremely knowledgeable and relaxing!   I love their whole set up!   It’s an amazing company.   Good luck, DeLiceful, and thanks again for the professional treatment we received.
Traci of Island Park
April 18, 2013

What a relief it was to go to DeLiceful when the school nurse told me my daughter had lice.   DeLiceful came highly recommended by my school nurse and pediatrician.   There was NO way I would have been able to take care of this disgusting problem.   DeLiceful made my head lice problem go away in just a couple of hours… while my daughters had fun in their salon.   If you have lice, don’t even think of trying to do it on your own!   Save your self the time and energy and call DeLiceful.   The ladies at DeLiceful were fantastic and professional!!
Cindy of Syosset
April 3, 2013

Got to say how “foolish” I was trying all these gimmecks to get rid of head lice.   I even went to a DeLiceful competitor who has this machine that claims they can blow and suck the lice out of your hair.   What a horror show that was!   After spending a lot of money with this  competitor,  I sent my daughter back to school to only have the school nurse call me to tell me there were lots of nits still left in her head, and even a bug!   The school nurse told me to go to DeLiceful!   They get the job done the right way….   the first time!
Mark of Glen Cove
Feb. 18, 2013

If you a head lice problem, DeLiceful is the ONLY place to go to!
Gina of Lake Grove
Dec. 3, 2012

Love DeLiceful’s cute little cottage… Love DeLiceful’s set-up…   Love DeLiceful’s professionalism…   Love DeLiceful’s whole operation…   Love that my kids are lice free!!  And right now, I’m loving DeLiceful more than my husband cause he said I didn’t have lice and I did!!!  You can trust a man to check your head!   Love you, DeLiceful!
Allie of Garden City
Oct. 28, 2012

I thought I was able to handle anything during my career as an RN, but nothing prepared me for head lice in my daughter’s hair.   I thought I could take care of it, but 3 days later I gave up.   Yes, I tried Rid, olive oil and anything and everything I could get my hands on but nothing was working.   I kept finding bugs.   I had heard a lot of good things about DeLiceful and decided to call them.   DeLiceful took the time and expertise going through my daughter’s hair using magnifying glasses, while giving me a real education about head lice.   The end result…   she was LICE FREE, I was STRESS FREE and all thanks to DeLiceful!
Melissa, RN of Whitestone
Oct. 27, 2012

My granddaughter recenlty had a bad case of head lice.   Since I am around my grandaughter a great deal, I was told I should get my head checked, especially since I couldn’t stop scratching my head and that my neighbor, a nurse, said she saw nits in my head.   I called DeLiceful and got an appointment immediately.   I was already prepared in my mind that I was going to have to be treated.   I was pleasantly shocked when the staff at DeLiceful told me I was lice free!   I couldn’t believe it.   DeLiceful could have easily said I had head lice but they were very honest and said it was dry scalp.   Thank you, DeLiceful for showing me that honest businesses do exist!   What a great reputation DeLiceful has and will continue to have.
Maryanne of Massapequa
October 26, 2012

I cannot say enough good things about DeLiceful.   They were beyond thorough, professional and accommodating.   Kathy, the owner, is caring and amazing!   Her technicians, Ann & Ana did an amazing job checking and delicing our heads.   Everyone was so informative, and I truly felt my family was in great hands.   We had a previous experience at another lice removal company and I was very unhappy.   I will ONLY recommend DeLiceful.
Jessica of Plainview
October 24, 2012

As a school nurse of an elementary school in Nassau County I have seen my share of head lice cases over the past 15 years.   I have seen the results of parents trying every over the counter lice treatment, prescription drug treatments, home remedies, etc.   I have witness first hand,  the frustration in parents when  I have to tell them that their child still has head lice after they spent countless hours trying to  treat the problem.    But nothing compares to the results when treated by a professional lice removal company such as DeLiceful.    The service that DeLiceful provides  actually makes my job easier!  I know when a parent brings a child back to school after being sent home with head lice, and they inform me that their child has been treated by DeLiceful, I know it’s a job well done.   When a parent is unsure of the course of treatment they should use to get rid of their head lice headache, I tell them to call DeLiceful.   They are happy they did, and so am I!
School Nurse, RN of Nassau County, Long Island
October 2nd, 2012

As soon as my son’s camp bus pulled up, I drove right over to DeLiceful in Great Neck.   My son was checked in camp and told he was lice free.   Well, he wasn’t!   I’m so glad that I was smart enough not to let him go immediately home and had the real head lice professionals, DeLiceful check Jared’s head the right way.   I will never trust anyone but DeLiceful to check my children’s heads.   DeLiceful saved my family from all being infested by performing a very, very thorough head check and finding that Jared did in fact have a mild case of head lice.
Nancy of Jericho
August 12, 2012

DeLiceful was a lifesaver when I found head lice on my kids the night  before we were leaving on a cruise.   I called 11 pm at night and the owner, Kathy answered and immediately  she made me fell better when she gave me an appointment for 7 am the next morning.   The staff at DeLiceful were waiting for us and within a few short hours, me, my husband and 2 girls were lice free!   And we boarded our cruise at 3 pm…   all thanks to DeLiceful!   I was able to go on my cruise with a clear head that was free of head lice.
Maggie of Nesconset
August 4, 2012

Camp season just started and my worst nightmare came true!   Me and my kids got head lice.   My girlfriend told me to put mayonaise in our hair.   So I ran out to Costco and bought the biggest jar of mayo I could find.   Well, all I have to say is “the hell with Helman’s” because it did NOT work!!   I spent countless hours treating all of us with mayo and we still had nits and bugs in our heads.   What a waste of time!   Went to the computer and found a  bunch of  lice companies out there but after speaking to a few, I chose DeLiceful and I’m so glad I did.   The staff at DeLiceful was so professional; they knew how to put us at ease and get rid of this nasty head lice problem the right way.   Next time my family uses mayo, it’s going to be on a sandwich, not on our heads.   Thanks, DeLiceful!
Katie of Jericho
July 11th, 2012

I cannot say enough great things about DeLiceful!   They saved my sanity!!   My daughters were treated back in February by another so-called lice company.   Now it’s the last week of school and I get a call from the school nurse that my daughters have lice AGAIN.   This time I call DeLiceful and get an appointment immediately in their Hauppauge location.   I was amazed and embarrassed at the same time, when I saw the bugs and nits that were coming out of their heads while being treated.   They were infested and probably were for months.   In fact, they probably never got rid of it from February.   I could see how thorough the professionals at DeLiceful were – I knew this time my kids would be lice free and they sure were.
Joanna of Setauket
June 27th, 2012

I was so impressed with the DeLiceful salon and service my family received; everything was so professional and top-notch.   They really knew their facts on head lice and how to get rid of this embarrassing problem.   While de-licing me and my son, I got a full education on the real facts of head lice and I immediately started to feel relaxed, and I knew I made the right decision coming to DeLiceful.   I would definitely recommend DeLiceful to EVERYONE.
Steven of Huntington
May 23, 2012

Outstanding service!   Fantastic concept for a business!   It’s such a relief to know that there is somewhere to go after trying every home remedy, every  over-the-counter treatment, all the old wives’ tales tricks, etc., and nothing worked   What an amazing service DeLiceful provides!   It took all the torture out of hearing the dreaded news that my daughter   still had nits after treating her unsuccessfully on my own for 4 weeks.. Keep up the excellent work, DeLiceful!

Amy of Whitestone
May 11, 2012

Ugh… head lice!   I thought I would faint when I found lice in my child’s head.   Of course I tried everything first..   Rid, Nix, olive oil, Lice MD, cutting her hair… then I opened a bottle of wine, went to the computer and found DeLiceful.   After my 2nd glass of wine and talking to the owner, Kathy, I felt so relieved.   I couldn’t wait to get over to DeLiceful’s salon.   Of course, I didn’t drive!   My husband took us right over to their Hauppauge location.   Wow was I calm when I walked in and it wasn’t from the wine!   DeLiceful really makes a scary situation DeLiceful!   When you have a head lice problem…   see for yourself.   Go to DeLiceful!

Kari of Centerport
April 30, 2012

My doctor recommended DeLiceful and I am forever grateful that he did!   They did an excellent job treating my children’s head lice infestation.   I would very much recommend DeLiceful to everybody that wants a true professional niti picker.

Farrah of Jericho
April 18, 2012

The first time my kids had head lice, I called a lice company that came to my house.   But this time when they were sent home from school with lice, everyone was talking about DeLiceful and how great they are.   I met several other moms up at school picking up their infested children, and they told me they were heading straight for DeLiceful – that DeLiceful is the best nit picker around!   Going to DeLiceful’s salon in Great Neck was the right thing to do!   Much, much better than having a lice company come to my house and sit at my kitchen table.   There was no comparison!   Kathy of DeLiceful was so professionnal and the kids loved their place, and I loved the results!

Naomi of Sands Point
March 7, 2012

My kids loved the iPads, the movies, the munchies, the way the DeLiceful girls treated them.   Me…   I loved the way DeLiceful turned a “scary situation into a DeLiceful” one!   I could not have tackled this problem on my own.   I’m glad I didn’t waste countless hours trying to treat my 3 kids, when DeLiceful handled the problem so professionally.   I am going to recommend DeLiceful to EVERYONE!

Kim of Oyster Bay Cove
March 1, 2012

The school nurse called to tell me my 2 boys had head lice and I rushed to go pick them up.   I had the nurse check my head and she said I was clean – no lice.   I was so relieved that at least I was okay.   I then headed to Walgreens and bought Rid and treated the boys.   I spent countless hours going through their heads.   I sent them back to school the next day, only to have the nurse call me again to pick them up.   I was frustrated and upset!   I called my pediatrician and they recommended DeLiceful.   I can’t tell you the relief I felt after I called DeLiceful and booked my appointment – I knew HELP was on the way!   And it sure was!   DeLiceful took care of my kids’ head lice problem in a few short hours.   But then they told me I should get my long hair checked…   I said “That’s okay…   the school nurse said I was clean.”   Well, you can imagine how shocked I was when they found live bugs in my hair!!!   Thank goodness, they checked me!   Otherwise I would have just given back the head lice to my boys.   So the moral of this story….   go to DeLiceful to be treated…   and to be properly checked!!!   DeLiceful are the head lice removal pros!!

Laura of Setauket
February 24, 2012

Okay I admit I made a mistake and used a company that treated me and my daughter with olive oil.   I thought I was doing the right thing in having that company come to my house and treat us.   I even told all our friends and family that we were finally lice free…   but I was wrong.   I went to DeLiceful just for a head check after being treated by that other company, and DeLiceful found 17 nits in my daughter’s head.   Can you imagine??   I was livid!   If I didn’t bring my daughter to DeLiceful, I would have been back to having head lice in my family.   I am now confident that we are finally rid of lice….   thanks to DeLiceful!

Juliana of Bayport
February 12, 2012

After I overcame the shock of finding out that my 4 daughters and myself had lice, I was so gratefully that I was at DeLiceful.   I could NEVER have taken care of the situation like they did!   My kids were amazed at their place and I was relieved to know that my lice problem wasn’t going to be a problem any more.   I totally recommend EVERYONE to go to DeLiceful!   I have them on speed dial now!

Michelle of Deer Park
February 8, 2012

I was so stressed out when I found out that my twin boys had head lice and then my husband found it in my hair.   I tried and tried getting rid of the lice on my own; I spent countless hours and dollars treating everyone.   Then I finally gave up before I had a nervous breakdown.   I googled lice removal and DeLiceful’s name  came up.   I called DeLiceful immediately and got an appointment within a few hours.   It was the best thing I did.   Kathy and her staff knew everything about head lice and they made me and my kids so comfortable.   I will never worry about head lice again since I found DeLiceful.

Corrine of Bayside
January 26, 2012

I pride myself on the cleanliness of my home so you can only imagine how horrified I was to find out that my  3 children had lice.   I thought getting lice only happens to dirty people – well I was wrong.   I became frantic and called a company that comes to your home in an unmarked car.   I thought I was doing the right thing.   Well, it turns out I wasn’t.   After spending hundreds of dollars on treatments, I sent my children back to school and they  were immediately sent home because they still have lice.   I then was informed of DeLiceful by the school nurse and called immediately.   What a difference!!   After seeing the setup that DeLiceful has and how professional they are, I knew I wasted my money with that “other” company!   DeLiceful has the right lighting and professional chairs to properly treat; and they have all the gimicks to keep the kids well entertained.   DeLiceful is definitely the way to go!   I wish Kathy would let me tell you the name of that “other” company so no one would ever go to them! But then again, Kathy of DeLiceful, is the true professional in the removal of head lice and she guarantees it too.

Teri of Port Washington
January 20, 2012

When I first was searching for a  nit-picker I found a woman that comes to your house — BIG mistake!!!   I thought it would be so convenient and private to have someone come to my home to help me get rid of lice in my family.   Well, I was wrong!   After several hours of her applying olive oil and conditioner to my kids’ heads and then telling me they were lice free, I bring them back to school the next day only to have the school nurse send them home again because she found nits in their heads.   I was then recommended to DeLiceful by one of my friends.   As soon as I called DeLiceful, I knew I was in good hands.   And then when I walked into their salon, my kids were in awe.   They didn’t want to leave when they were finished!   It really was a DeLiceful experience!

Emily of Glen Cove
January 15, 2012

Obviously if you are reading DeLiceful’s testimonials you have a problem…. but it’s not a big one because DeLiceful is definitely here to help you.   Don’t waste your energy, time and money trying to get rid of head lice on your own.   Just call DeLiceful straight away and all your head lice problems will go away.   It is definitely the only way to properly get rid of head lice.   Believe me, as a mom of 4, I have been battling head lice on and off for months.   Thank goodness, I called DeLiceful…   now you should too!   Good luck!

Mindy of Roslyn Heights
January 3, 2012

Here I am getting ready for my big holiday party and my daughter comes to me to tell me a bug fell out of her head.   I didn’t know what to do!   I sent my husband out to CVS to buy everything he could find on the shelf.   But after applying those pesticide products and finding out that they don’t really get rid of lice, I knew what I was doing was a waste of time.   My husband went to the computer and found DeLiceful and he took my daughter right over there.   My husband was so impressed with their operation; from their cute cottage to the way they catered to my daughter.   My daughter was lice free and happy in a couple of hours.   Thanks to DeLiceful my holiday party went on as schedule.   Merry Christmas, DeLiceful!

Sandy of Bellmore
December 17th, 2012

I cannot say enough good things about DeLiceful. I was so upset when the school nurse called to say that my daughter has lice but right away she told me that there are professionals that remove head lice and she totally recommended DeLiceful. She said lots of school parents who went to DeLiceful were very satisfied. As a matter of fact, some kids came back to school the very same day they were treated. Everyone leaves their salon clean. Since I’m located in Jericho, I could have gone to either their Great Neck or Hauppauge locations. Their Nassau County location in Great Neck is adorable! My daughter loved it and so did I! No question about it, call DeLiceful for your head lice problems.

Hillary of Jericho
December 2, 2011

I was thrilled to find out that DeLiceful opened a new location in Great Neck!   I used DeLiceful once before when my daughter had head lice and was so satisfied with their service.   So when my daughter got lice again, I didn’t even think twice…   I went directly to their Great Neck location.   I’m not afraid of my daughter getting head lice anymore because I know DeLiceful is there to help me.

Sara of Great Neck
December 2, 2011

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I find bugs in my hair. I called DeLiceful immediately! I was treated by 10am. Then when the kids came home from school I found nits and bugs on their heads – we headed right back to DeLiceful. Now I know my family is lice free and I can go home and get my turkey ready for tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, DeLiceful.

Lisa of Lake Grove
November 23, 2011

GROSS! My kids have lice and so do I. After reading the testimonials on DeLiceful’s website, I called them right away and got an appointment. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time with those pesticide products. At least I know me and my kids were treated the right way and are lice free, thanks to DeLiceful.

Nancy of Astoria
November 12, 2011

My pediatrician’s office, ProHealth, recommended DeLiceful to me. My daughters had lice for months and we couldn’t get rid of it. We finally gave up and went to De:iceful in Great Neck. My kids had so many bugs and nits in their heads… I was so embarrassed. But Kathy and her staff were so good to us. They calmed my fears while my kids were getting treated and told me the true facts about head lice. Not only did we feel so clean when we left DeLiceful, but I didn’t feel like a bad mom anymore. Because this can happen to anyone!!!

Lorraine of Lake Success
November 8, 2011

I was a customer of DeLiceful previously and was so happy to hear that they’ve opened their second salon in Great Neck – especially when my three kids got lice again. Kathy and her staff are experts in the field of head lice and their Great Neck salon is beautiful! What a great set-up they have in this private cottage. If you have lice and are reading this, do not waste your time and your family’s, just go to DeLiceful and get rid of it the right way.

Joan of Roslyn
November 1, 2011

DeLiceful was fantastic! As a mother of 3, I didn’t know what to do when I found out my kids had lice. The school nurse recommended DeLiceful and I’m so glad I called. The staff was so pleasant and their salon was perfect for my kids. They were well entertained. Thank you, DeLiceful.

Kristin of Setauket
October 19th, 2011

After unsuccessfully attempting to treat my 2 daughters’ hair on my own, I found DeLiceful online and decided to take the two-hour drive from Pennsylvania. No other places in my area offered the thorough services that DeLiceful provided. The patience and expertise at DeLiceful was definitely worth the drive. Now I have peace of mind!! Thanks, DeLiceful.

Danielle of Pennsylvania
September 6, 2011

I guess if you are reading this, you have lice. Stop reading and pick up the phone and call DeLiceful right now and all your problems with be over. Don’t even bother with those other treatments because I did and it was a big waste not only of my money but my time. DeLiceful are the experts in hair lice removal. Kathy and her staff really were amazing. I think I now have a new BFF for life! Thanks, Kathy!

Jackie of St. James
August 16, 2011

My daughter was heading home from Florida with her boyfriend and she knew she had lice. I found a place in Brooklyn for her to be treated so she stopped there on her way home to Long Island. Her boyfriend was checked also and told he had lice too. He didn’t have enough money on him so he said he would treat himself. When they called me to tell me that he wasn’t treated and on they were on their way to my house, I freaked out. I found DeLiceful on the internet and called them at 9:30 pm. Well, when DeLiceful checked my daughter’s boyfriend, they found NO evidence of lice. Then I had them check my daughter and they found more nits in her head. So they were going to charge her boyfriend $250 to treat when he NEVER had it and then on top of it, they didn’t do a good job on my daughter. Thanks a lot DeLiceful for helping me and doing the right thing!

Kristen M. of Lake Ronkonkoma
August 11, 2011

I heard Kathy of DeLiceful speak at a PTA meeting and she really knew her facts about lice. So when my son came home from camp with head lice, I knew who to call immediately. Kathy and her staff got us an appointment right away. I loved her salon. I loved her staff. Thanks so much.

Laura of Northport
August 8, 2011

DeLiceful was amazing! They really make a scary situation DeLiceful. I was a basket case until I brought my daughter to them. Kathy of DeLiceful was so calming and reassuring. I totally would recommend DeLiceful to everyone.

Mary L. of Hauppauge
August 5, 2011

I am a satisfied DeLiceful customer. I too read all the testimonials before calling DeLiceful and I’m glad I did because I made the right choice coming to DeLiceful. I was going to call one of those companies that come to the house thinking it was so convenient but I’m glad I went to DeLiceful. My kids didn’t mind sitting in the chairs and being treated for 2 hours because they were so entertained. They NEVER would have stayed like that in my own home. So if you just found lice on your kids’ heads, don’t hesitate to call DeLiceful right away.

Monica K. of Old Brookville
August 3, 2011

One of my children had lice about 2 weeks ago and I called a woman that comes to your house. She put a conditioner in my daughter’s hair and combed for about a half hour. Then she told her to shower and put olive oil in her hair for two weeks. I wanted her to check me and my other daughter but she told me it wasn’t necessary and why waste my money? I really think she was in a rush. Well, a couple of days later I see lice on my other daughter’s head! This time I called DeLiceful… and what an experience! They are the real professionals. Deliceful went through everyone’s hair and even still found nits on my daughter that was treated by this other other company – so what a waste of money. While DeLiceful was treating us, I received so much information about lice – they really know their stuff. Not only did I receive an education while there, but their salon is beautiful and they had all the necessary equipment: proper lighting, chairs, magnifying glasses, etc. They knew what they were doing. What a difference. From now on… Deliceful is who I would go to! I don’t care if I have to drive 50 miles – it’s well worth it.

Saundra W. of Plainview
August 1, 2011

My husband is a doctor and he wasn’t even sure if his own daughter and son had head lice! He told me to find one of those companies that remove lice professionally. That’s when I found DeLiceful on the computer and THANK GOD I did… because they did have head lice and BAD! So if you are unsure if your kids have lice, bring them to DeLiceful because even our very own “family doctor” couldn’t detect the head lice and he even said what a great job DeLiceful did! He is now recommending DeLiceful to his patients with lice.

Doctor’s wife in Jericho
July 28, 2011

I just brought my family of 9 to DeLiceful for head checks and found out that 4 out of the 9 had lice. DeLiceful took care of the problem professionally and eased everyone’s fears right away. They also educated us on how to keep checking everyone’s heads to make sure that the kids and adults that were clean didn’t get it at a later date. Thanks, DeLiceful for the expert treatment and the education.

Dana of Moriches
July 15, 2011

I can’t say enough good things about Deliceful. When I found out that my 3 children
had lice, I tried Rid, then a very expensive prescription treatment and lastly,
Cetaphil…nothing worked! I was at the end of my rope and then my husband found
Deliceful. Turns out, we were ALL infested…but Kathy and her team removed
every last nit and in a matter of hours we were all lice free. As soon as you
walk into Deliceful, your worries are OVER. Not only are they extremely
thorough, the facility is super clean and kid friendly and the staff couldn’t be
nicer. You will be put at ease and your kids will be back to school/camp the next
day. Stop reading this and CALL NOW!!!

Jean of Locust Valley
July 11, 2011

This isn’t the first time my family had head lice so I know what I was in for if I decided to tackle it on my own. But it was the July 4th holiday and we were out at my parent’s home in East Hampton with a houseful of people coming over. I was so grateful that Kathy at DeLiceful answered the phone on a holiday and made an appointment for us that day. Her staff is amazing, her salon is beautiful, and the kids had a ball getting “deliced”. Since I live in NYC, I have tried several other lice removal places and I loved DeLiceful the most! They are so professional, they know what they are doing, and most of all they know how to make you so comfortable in their clean salon. I definitely will go back to DeLiceful “if and when” my family gets lice again. It’s only a matter of time that it will happen again, and I’m glad to know DeLiceful is there to help.

Katrina of New York City
July 4, 2011

Here we are on vacation in the Hamptons and I find out that my girls and I have head lice. I thought our vacation was ruined until I found DeLiceful. Within a few short hours my girls and I were back on the beach! Thank God I didn’t waste my time with those home remedies or the Rid & Nix.

Sammy of Washington, DC
July 1, 2011

I was so desperate when we arrived that night at your salon and you and your wonderful staff answered all my prayers. DeLiceful did such an amazing job removing the lice from my head and my 2 daughters. Then Kathy stressed how the grandparents should be checked and sure enough my mom also had it. I just want to give DeLiceful a heartfelt “thank you” for their expertise in removing head lice.

Laurie of Huntington
June 17, 2011

I have been battling lice for over 3 months. I tried everything… first I used Rid — what a waste! When I took my daughter back to school, the nurse found a live bug. The nurse recommended two lice companies to me. One was a company that came to my home and the other was DeLiceful. Unfortunately I chose the “other one” because it was a little bit cheaper. What a waste of time and money! The so-called “lice expert” put Patene conditioner in her hair and combed for hours, only to tell me that I had to wash, dry and go thru her hair myself. Then sleep with a shower cap and olive oil. When I took my daughter back to school the next day, AGAIN the nurse found nits. I was at my wits’ end. I called DeLiceful and I FINALLY made the right decision. DeLiceful had me come right in and a couple of hours later my daughter was back in school LICE FREE! Thanks to the real experts at DeLiceful, they took care of the problem right way. DeLiceful was well worth it! I’m just sorry I didn’t call them first!!

Jennifer M. of Northport
June 15, 2011

DeLiceful is amazing! My 2 year old daughter and 5 year old son had such a bad case of lice that I couldn’t get rid of. I really did try everything, even the home remedies like olive oil, Vaseline, but nothing worked. That is until I took my kids to DeLiceful. I didn’t know how my kids would handle it but Kathy made it so much fun for them especially when she gave them Ipads to play with! I told Kathy if this ever happens again to me, I’m calling her right away and not wasting another minute of my time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Lisa C. of Setauket
May 20, 2011

How would you like this as a Mother’s Day gift, all your kids have lice and they give it to you too?? Well, that’s what I got this year! My husband saved the day by finding DeLiceful on the internet and getting an appointment right away. Yes, they treated us on Mother’s Day. Then Kathy stressed the fact that even grandparents should be checked to see if they have lice, so I had my 75 year old mom meet us at DeLiceful and sure enough, Nanny had it too! Three generations with lice… what a way to spend Mother’s Day.

Marianne H. of Melville
May 8, 2011

I had been battling head lice for over 5 weeks when I finally gave up and called DeLiceful. I too read all DeLiceful’s testimonials and thought I better call them. I’m sure glad I did! Everything everyone wrote is so true. Kathy and her staff are amazing. My children came in with nits and bugs and left lice free. So if you are reading this testimonial don’t waste another second, call DeLiceful today! It’s well worth it!!

Ann S. of Wantagh
May 2, 2011

The night before my daughter’s Sweet 16 much to my horror, I find out that my daughter and I had lice! I called DeLiceful at 9 pm on a Friday night and they took care of us right away. Thank goodness for DeLiceful or I would have had to cancel my daughter’s party or otherwise we would have given head lice as party favors! Kathy, what can I say, but a big thank you.

Hillary D. of Roslyn
April 29, 2011

My experience at DeLiceful was so enjoyable. Both my children had a serious case of lice. Within a few hours they were cured and I was relaxed. Kathy is an amazing woman who deserves recognition for her commitment to lice control. I recommend DeLiceful to anyone of all ages. My experience changed my whole way of thinking towards lice infestation. Best of luck to all! You NEED DeLiceful!

Tracey of Stony Brook
April 11, 2011

My daughter has had lice 3 times.   The first time she got it I was a complete basket case and spent a desperate summer doing all the wrong things to get rid of the lice.   We almost ended up shaving our kindergartener’s head before the first day of school because we were at our wits end.   The 2nd time, our entire family got it – but this time, I found DeLiceful, and what a difference!   If my daughter comes home with lice again, I’m going straight to DeLiceful.

Maria B. of Huntington
March 3, 2011

Thank you for providing a service such as lice removal. You have made what could have been a tremendous headache into a tolerable situation. Kathy was so nice and informative. I still can’t believe we are lice free! I will definitely recommend you 1000% to anyone I know.

Lorraine R of Brooklyn
February 16, 2011

If you are reading this testimonial than you probably have lice, STOP READING and pick up the phone and call DeLiceful! I promise you it will be the best money you’ve ever spent! To all the wonderful ladies at DeLiceful, thank you doesn’t seem like enough. We had spent hundreds of dollars in just 4 weeks before coming to you on what we now know as failed treatments. I thought my wife had to be sedated when she found more lice on the kids’ heads after using Rid & Nix — twice! I cannot say enough good things about DeLiceful. Call them today and save yourself the anguish, time and energy!

Ryan W. of Plainview
February 2, 2011

We just came back from a nice relaxing Christmas vacation, the kids go back to school, only to have the school nurse call and say that my daughter has lice and it’s BAD!   I started to panic and get grossed out but the nurse told me just to buy Rid and I would be able to take care of the problem myself.   Yeah right!   Three weeks later I was still pulling nits out of her head and then I found a bug.   That’s when I broke down and couldn’t do it anymore.   My neighbor mentioned DeLiceful to me and I called ASAP.   After the treatment my daughter was lice free.   Plus they provide 2 free re-checks so now I know for sure my daughter is clean.   I feel such relief thanks to DeLiceful!

Isabella of Great River
January 31, 2011

Great way to start the New Year off but to find out that my sister’s kids gave my kids lice.     I was freaking out, ripping the house apart, cleaning, doing laundry, washing their heads — I didn’t know what to do next.     But I remembered hearing the name DeLiceful.   I didn’t think they would answer on New Year’s day but they did.   Kathy was so calming and erased my anxieties.   I totally recommend DeLiceful for anyone who ever comes across head lice.   It’s the only way to professionally get rid of lice.

Joan of Old Bethpage
January 1, 2011

Just what I needed getting ready for a big holiday dinner but to find out that my daughters have lice!   Ugh!   I immediately went to the computer and found DeLiceful.   After reading the testimonials on their website, I didn’t even bother trying Rid or Nix.   I called right away and got an appointment, believe it or not on Christmas Eve!   Kathy and her staff were the best Christmas present ever!!     Totally worth every dollar we spent.   It was my Christmas gift to myself.   I couldn’t do it myself.     We were able to go home lice free and enjoy our Christmas with our families.   Merry Christmas, DeLiceful!

Sara of Great River
December 24, 2010

As a single parent I was totally overwhelmed when my two kids got head lice.   I treated them with the over the counter products I bought in Walgreens and thought I did a decent job.   I worked on their heads for HOURS for 3 days!   Only to have the school nurse call me to come pick them up because they still had nits in their heads. I couldn’t take another day off from work and that’s when my friend told me about DeLiceful.   I called immediately and Kathy couldn’t have been more helpful.

Patti of Setauket
December 18, 2010

I am the mother of 4 girls and we all got lice.   I was beside myself!   I tried everything, Rid, Nix, CVS brand… I even got a prescription from the doctor for Ovide.   I’m a nurse and I can’t believe I put all those pesticides on my girls’ heads!!   What was I thinking??     And it didn’t do any good anyway.   I gave up and called DeLiceful.   It was the best thing I did.   I finally now have my life back.

Loraine of Melville
December 11, 2010

My wife was a wreck, my kids couldn’t stop crying, and I was away on a business trip.   The family had lice.   Part of me was happy I wasn’t there for the insanity and the other part felt bad for my wife.   That’s when I went immediately to my laptop and found DeLiceful.   They were kind of enough to take my family right away and treat the problem.   Then   I knew it was safe to return home from my business trip.   Thanks DeLiceful for saving me from listening to my wife complaining.

Stephen of Dix Hills
December 3, 2010

We finally get to take a family vacation to Disney only to find out after the first day, that my daughter has lice.   After spending days in our hotel room using Rid, we got on a plane and headed home.   I called it quits once I got home and found DeLiceful on the internet.   What a relief!   Kathy was such a calming person.   She explained everything and anything to me about lice and the treatment.   Now if we ever make it back to Disney, I won’t panic like I did last time.   Kathy and her staff put me at ease, and at the same time, wiped out all those bugs that took up residence in my daughter’s head.

Maria of Westhampton
November 28, 2010

DeLiceful is AMAZING!!!   Thank God there are places like DeLiceful!   With Thanksgiving approaching I didn’t know what I was going to do when my daughter and son both came home from school with head lice.   GROSS!   How was I going to cook a turkey and get rid of lice??   I called DeLiceful and they were the best!   They were the experts that knew exactly what to do, plus they had us come back for 2 head checks to make sure my kids were lice free.   Thanks to Kathy at DeLiceful, I will now have a great Thanksgiving!   This year I’m “thankful” for DeLiceful!

Christina of Rocky Point
November 18, 2010

You just found out that you or your kids have lice….   stop right there!   Don’t even bother with Rid or Nix — like I did!   It was a waste of time!!   I spent countless hours and lots of money on those products to finally have enough sense to call DeLiceful.   From the minute Kathy answered the phone, I knew I was doing the right thing.   Sure enough after a few hours, my daughter and I were lice free.   It feels good to know that there is a professional out there to help with this nightmare.

Lisa of   St. James
November 8, 2010

I was shocked to find out that my 5 children had lice!   And even more shocked to find out I had it too!   There was NO WAY I would have been able to take care of this overwhelming problem.   That’s when I found DeLiceful…..   they saved my sanity!!   They really were experts in getting rid of those lousy critters!!   I totally recommend EVERYONE to go to DeLiceful!!

Sally of Huntington
October 18, 2010

You have lice — call DeLiceful! Don’t even bother with the product Rid. I treated my daughter with that over-the-counter product, sat with her for 4 hours picking out the nits and bugs, I finally decided to take her to DeLiceful. The best decision I made. I couldn’t believe how many bugs and nits were still in her head. It would have taken me forever. Again, you have lice — call DeLiceful!! Don’t even try yourself.

Stephanie of Commack
Sept. 10th, 2010

The most amazing service!! What peace of mind we received knowing the girls were “clean” the same day. Kathy is incredibly kind, thorough and patient. She will go through every strand of hair and inch of scalp, scrutinizing until she is absolutely sure you are lice, nit and nymph free. Every bit of the process is chemical-free and the products are pleasant smelling.

Christine of Mt. Sinai
Sept., 9th, 2010

Kathy and her staff helped to make a truly stressful and embarrassing situation as pleasant as possible. Kathy is an expert on lice removal and prevention. She put my teenage daughter at ease. I highly recommend DeLiceful to anyone who thinks they may need help.

Cathy of Babylon
Sept. 9th, 2010

Thank God for DeLiceful!!! That’s all I can say!! As a mom of 4 children… all of whom had lice, I couldn’t run fast enough to DeLiceful. Then I was horrified to find out that I also had it. Well, thank God for Kathy. She took care of me and my children professionally. My kids were so relaxed in her kid-friendly salon. Kathy educated me about lice while taking care of our problem. She surely made a “scary situation DeLiceful”! Thanks, Kathy

Carrie of Northport
Sept. 7th, 2010

How embarrassing… I take my child for a back-to-school haircut to find out that he has lice!! Oh well, I went straight to the internet and found DeLiceful. They took care of the problem very professionally and quickly. My son was able to go to school on his first day.

Jennifer of Stony Brook
Sept. 5th, 2010

We just got back from vacation and I find out that my daughter has lice. I used the Rid first and I seemed not to be making a dent. Then I started to scratch my head. Then panic set in. I went to the emergency room at Mather Hospital. They told me about DeLiceful. I immediately called and got an appointment right away. Now no more lice and no more panic!

Diane of Port Jefferson
Sept. 3, 2010

DeLiceful truly saved me from a scary situation! I felt comfortable, reassured and 100% clean after my treatment. Kathy and her staff take amazing care of their clients and I wouldn’t recommend any other treatment for head lice… but DeLiceful! Thank you, DeLiceful!!

Danielle Zito
August 22, 2010

When lice strikes, panic immediately follows and whatever your immediate plans — they are over until you deal with treatments, cleaning, vacuuming, and tears. Thankfully we were told about Kathy at DeLiceful. Kathy is an angel who understands people at a vulnerable time and deals quickly, professionally and thoroughly with what feels like a huge problem. She somehow manages to keep you calm while evaluating and treating lice at any stage. Plus she allows you to return for 2 rechecks to make sure the problem is eliminated. If we didn’t come to DeLiceful, we would still be dealing with lice, and the headache and heartache are not worth it. When lice strikes, have no fear, DeLiceful is here!

SaraLee Rosenberg
August 23, 2010

After trying to remove lice from my girls’ hair for hours and hours, I went to DeLiceful for a head check, only to learn that I didn’t even make a dent! They had plenty more bugs and nits in their heads. Thank God for Kathy at DeLiceful. I was treated with kid-gloves — Kathy was GREAT! She took her time going through their hair and removed all the nits and lice. She also talked to me and made me relax. She did make a scary situation delightful. I would recommend DeLiceful to everyone. As a matter of fact, I scheduled a head check for my 7 year old every two weeks. It’s worth it… not to go through that hassle again. Thank you, DeLiceful!

Jackie C. of Ronkonkoma
July 14, 2010

I am a school teacher for the past 16 years and I got lice from one of my students at the end of the year. I had my husband go through my head and he only lasted for 20 minutes. Then I went on the internet and found DeLiceful. Thank heaven I did. After being treated by Kathy, I left DeLiceful feeling clean and un-ashamed. I left such a bond with her that I hugged and kissed after my 2 week recheck.

Who would have every thought that I would have spent the July 4th weekend trying to remove lice from my family’s heads. I tried every over-the-counter shampoo. I even called my pediatrician for a prescription but he wouldn’t give it to me — said it was too dangerous. Then I found DeLiceful! After a couple of hours, me, my daughter and son were lice free. We were able to go to my family’s barbecue. DeLiceful is a beautiful salon with expert technicans that KNOW what they are doing and they make a scary situation DeLiceful!!

Patti L. of Hauppauge
July 4th, 2010

I’m a single dad with three girls… what do I know about lice! I was so grateful when I went to DeLiceful and they were able to take care of the problem in my girls’ hair. Kathy put my girls at ease and was able to tackle the problem professionally using non-toxic products that didn’t put my girls at risk The girls were so comfortable with Kathy that they couldn’t wait to come back each time for their rechecks. DeLiceful definitely makes a scary situation DeLiceful— especially for a single dad. Now my girls tell me, “see Dad it wasn’t no big deal to have lice, “ — that’s because we went to DeLiceful.

Christopher M of Babylon
June 18th, 2010

My daughter had lice, then I had lice, then her friends had lice… it was an epidemic! It was spreading quicker than we could control it. Thank God I went to DeLiceful. Kathy not only took care of the problem but she educated me and calmed my nerves at the same time. Not only did we feel clean when we left her beautiful salon, but I also left the stress and stigma behind. Anyone with lice should definitely go to DeLiceful!! Don’t waste your time with other products like I did!!

Debbie Z. of Woodbury
June 8th, 2010

I got the dreaded call from the school nurse and panic set it…. she has head lice. After spending 4 hours going through her hair, I thought I got it all. Only to find a bug in her hair that night. I was beside myself. I went on the computer and found DeLiceful. I ended up calling at 11 pm at night and Kathy answered. She had me relaxed in a matter of minutes with the way she spoke to me and made an appointment for the next day. Needless to say, when Kathy went through my daughter’s hair, she found tons and tons of nymphs (baby lice) and nits. So it was a waste of time when I went through her hair. I highly recommended going to DeLiceful the very first minute you find out your child has lice. Don’t waste the time doing it yourself. Let a professional like Kathy at DeLiceful to take of your problem.

Jennifer G. of Jericho
June 1st, 2010

I took my daughter to DeLiceful after trying unsuccessfully to get rid of her head lice for over 2 weeks. I tried everything… Rid, Nix, even olive oil — nothing worked. Finally my doctor told me about Kathy Zappulla at DeLiceful and I called immediately for an appointment. From the minute I spoke to Kathy on the phone, I knew I was doing the right thing. Kathy was full of knowledge and very calming. She answered all my questions and made an appointment right away for my daughter. Her salon was clean and kid friendly, and she used all non-toxic products. My daughter, Amanda left smiling and happy — the first time in 2 weeks. And I left relieved!! Thanks Kathy for your professional expertise in removing head lice.
All the best….

Mike of Lake Grove
May 27th, 2010