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While Hollywood movies make us believe in superheroes and super villains, the truth is there are no super lice. Reports on TV about a 25 state outbreak of poison resistant lice are hype. While some types of lice have adapted to the shampoos and treatments available over the counter, all types of lice are easily removed from heads and household when using the proper tools and methods.

Of all the parasites out there waiting to do us harm, lice actually don’t. Everyone is freaked out if lice hitchhikes into your home, but their bites do not cause fevers nor illness.

Discomfort? Yes.

Disgust? For sure.

Disaster? Not really.

The lice themselves are weak little creatures. Even the adult ones are small and hard to see. They can’t fly or jump. They only can move if they are walking on hair. They have the ability to spread because of people. Little people. Kids are very socially silly people. They bump heads and wrestle around. They actually act their age and that is why lice like them so much.

There are many ways to get rid of lice. Wives’ Tales say you can use olive oil, mayonnaise – are you making a salad??

Others look to over-the-counter products. These are mostly pesticides and never really work. Rid and Nix will if anything, just kill an adult bug. They will not kill the baby bugs called nymphs nor while they kill the eggs (nits). These poisons are not effective on those and within days or weeks, the lice will be in full bloom.

To truly get rid of lice, professional services have been established. DeLiceful is a state-of-the-art salon designed solely to get rid of the lice. The kid friendly environment makes the few hours of treatment go quickly. Insurance companies frequently pay for the service so seeking professional, effective relief is a no brainer. DeLiceful is an expert in getting rid of your head lice headache once and for all.

There is nothing super about lice. They are the same lice that have been around for centuries! People are finally realizing after spending tons of money on over-the-counter quick fixes, that head lice are resistant to these products. If you get them, get rid of them. Or better yet, get the professionals, like DeLiceful for a clean bill of health.

DeLiceful has 4 state of the art salons on Long Island in Bellmore, Great Neck, Smithtown and Eastport where they make a scary situation DeLiceful!!