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Lice Treatment Options should lead you to a Salon Setting

When it comes to lice removal there are three main options.

You can do it yourself, which could lead to doubts about whether you used the right removal product, preformed the proper technique of application, or if you were actually 100% successful.

You could use a mobile lice removal service, but is your home conducive to provide the type of atmosphere and lighting to succeed? Do you really want to be picking bugs and nits from your child’s head at your kitchen table?

The third option, and the one we consider to be the best, is to have the lice removed at a professional and certified (omit the highlighted words) lice removal salon.

There are numerous reasons to have head lice removed in the clinical and spotless (omit) setting of a salon. Here are our top three:

  1. Unlike the use of home head lice remedies or counting on a mobile service without their own facility, a salon is a brick and mortar business. You know where they are located if you have a treatment issue. At salons like DeLiceful they offer a guarantee that you will leave the salon lice free after undergoing a non-toxic, pesticide free treatment.
  2. Lice treatment, especially for children can cause them undo anxiety – and some parents, too! By receiving treatment in a salon children will find a welcoming atmosphere with amenities such as flat screen TV’s, movies, munchies, iPads and more. The treatment time will fly by!
  3. As we mentioned earlier if you try home treatment you most likely do not have the expertise to know if you were totally successful. An extended ordeal at home can be accomplished in approximately just two hours in a salon setting with all nits and bugs removed.

Only a professional lice treatment & removal salon such as DeLiceful can give you the peace of mind that your family member will return home both stress and lice free!

We make a scary situation DeLiceful!