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LICE: Ugh… the 4-Letter Word We Hate


Lice… it’s the word that when heard, gets every parent in a tizzy. After your hands stop shaking, they immediately go for the head and start scratching. But that’s almost a natural reaction to when the word LICE is said.

So what happened… did you get the note home from the school nurse saying “Lice is here!”? Did your sister call to say, “Check the kids’ heads because their cousin has it”? Or did you happen to notice your child scratching like a monkey? Whatever the case may be, now you have to be Perry Mason and go look for evidence of head lice.

What is head lice? Head lice consists of bugs which is a louse and nits which are the eggs. You had to have a bug in order to get head lice. Yes, that’s right… something had to lay those eggs (nits) that are attached to the hair. Sometimes it’s very hard to see evidence of lice with the human eye unless it’s a severe infestation. So how about grabbing grandpa’s magnifying class and taking a look at the head?? Ahhh… better, right? See anything crawling? How about something as small as a sesame seed attached to the strand of hair?? Try blowing it off… if it blows off the hair then mostly likely it’s just dandruff. You can’t blow it off; well, it could be a nit.

When you go to a professional head lice removal & treatment company such as DeLiceful, we call looking for evidence of lice a head check. You never just start treating anyone until you are sure there is lice. Why waste your time and money – just because you are in panic mode – treating head lice when it could be just a bad case of dandruff. Not sure what you are seeing, take pictures of what you think could be lice, and contact a reliable head lice treatment company such as DeLiceful. We constantly have people texting and emailing us pictures of what they think could be head lice.

Okay, so let’s say it is a confirmed case of head lice… what do you do next? Don’t just run out to the nearest drug store and buy every toxic product you find on the shelf! No… don’t waste your money. The over-the-counter products, such as Nix and Rid, are filled with pesticides. Do you really want to put a toxic, pesticide on your child’s head?? I don’t think so. Especially since that pesticide, if anything, will only kill an adult bug. That pesticide will not kill the nits (eggs) nor will it kill the baby bugs called nymphs. Plus the comb in those kits is worthless! An ant can crawl through those combs! The comb is designed that way so that you keep buying more and more of that over-the-counter pesticide. You need a good metal professional lice comb that has grooves in the teeth just like the DeLiceful Lice Comb. With the DeLiceful Lice Comb you can remove about 80% of the infestation just from combing. Yes, that’s right 80% — not a 100% — because after the combing you still aren’t done.

When you go to a professional nit picker like DeLiceful, we section your hair and comb with our metal lice comb; then we dry your hair and go through the hair strand-by-strand wearing magnifying glasses 10x our eyesight. We can see every little spec in your head. We can see the glitter that’s left over from your kid’s school project! Did you know that a baby bug, the nymph is actually just a spec? It is dot that you make with a #2 pencil – that’s how tiny it is. So you actually would miss it by just looking at it with the human eye. Some other so-called “lice companies” don’t go the extra step and go through the hair strand-by-strand. And that’s so important!!

We know that not everyone can afford to go to a professional lice removal company such as DeLiceful. If that is the case, at least use non-toxic, pesticide free products such as DeLiceful’s De-Licing Kit. Inside our kit, we have step-by-step instructions that illustrate how to properly treat a head lice infestation. You can also visit our website at to watch a video showing you we treat in our DeLiceful child-friendly salons so that you can do the same in your home.

Still got questions about head lice? Not sure what you are seeing or how to treat head lice? Call DeLiceful any time – day or night – and we will be able to educate you and at the same time, calm your worst fears… because we make a scary situation DeLiceful!

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