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How to Prevent Lice

Lice are irksome and icky, but it is not like they are an infectious disease. With mindfulness and some precautions, lice can be avoided. Besides being very small, they cannot hop, jump or fly. So the only way they can crawl into your life is by direct contact. That can be a person or child who has lice or some piece of clothing or other items that are infested.

Knowledge is power, so keep an open ear to the situation around you. Listen for warnings about lice being found at your child’s school or camp. Speak with your neighbors about what is going on in the community. Word of a lice outbreak is very hard to contain so if they are nearby, you won’t hear them (lice do not make any noises) but you will hear everyone talking about it.

If you do find out about an infestation, avoid direct contact with those infested and all of their belongings.

If you have children going to school or camp, teach them to avoid direct head to head contact.

It is always preferable to know your enemy. Be on the lookout for the early signs of lice. The most common symptom is itchiness in and around the back of the head. In many children, the only way to be sure is a visual inspection. Lice can be living and laying eggs for over two weeks on your child’s scalp before any symptoms occur.

If you suspect lice, wash your hair with a shampoo and use a conditioner. This makes it easier to comb through and examine the scalp and the base of your hair’s roots. Use an extremely fine toothed comb and a bright light. Lice are very quick and avoid light but their eggs, or nits are attached to the base of the hair. Especially examine the back of the head, the neck areas and behind the ears.

There are several over the counter hair products with chemicals designed to kill lice, but do not use them to prevent an outbreak. They are harsh and will damage your hair. If you have lice, call a professional such as DeLiceful immediately. They will remove your head lice headache in just a few hours, using non-toxic products, pesticide free, all while enjoying the comforts of their state-of-the art salons in Bellmore, Great Neck, Smithtown and Eastport – servicing all of Long Island with guaranteed results! They make a scary situation DeLiceful!