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Head Lice: Busting the myths so we can nab those nits

Myth #1 – Nits are easy to see
Unless a child has a severe infestation, head lice can be extremely difficult to spot.

Myth #2 – My child isn’t scratching so she doesn’t have head lice
Only about 40% of people with head lice will have an itchy scalp.

Myth #3 – Dirty hair attracts head lice
Head lice doesn’t care if your hair is clean or dirty, curly, straight, black, blonde, dyed or natural – lice don’t discriminate.

Myth #4 – Head lice fly and jump
No lice actually crawl.  They crawl 9 inches in one minute.

Myth #5 – Pets can get head lice
Lice feed only on humans.  They are a human parasite.  Pets have their own issues with fleas and ticks.

Myth #6 – Your house can get infested with lice
Lice can’t live for more than 24/36 hours off the scalp.  All you have to do in your home is change your sheets, pillow cases, clean pajamas and towels… that’s it!

Myth #7 – You need to use a pesticide shampoo to get rid of lice
Shampoos such as Nix and Rid, will only kill an adult bug, if anything.  The pesticide shampoo will not kill the baby bugs called nymphs nor will it kill the nits (eggs).

Myth #8 – You can get head lice from sharing a hat or helmet
You only have a 5% chance for getting head lice from sharing a brush, helmet, hair clip, etc.  Lice is spread by head-to-head contact.

Myth #9 – Using gel and hairspray prevents head lice
Not true…  hair gel and hairspray actually separate the hair and make it easier access for lice to get to the scalp.  Lice do not like the scent of mint.  Use DeLiceful’s Mint Spray as a repellent daily.

Myth #10 – Only kids get head lice
Lice don’t care if you are 2 months old or 98 years old!  Anyone and everyone can get head lice!


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