Our Guarantee

DeLiceful is a professional lice treatment and lice removal service that is dedicated to using non-toxic, pesticide free lice products.   We take a natural and organic approach to treating head lice and guarantee our results!   We promise you will be bug and nit free!

Head checks of all family members, followed by a complete treatment of those who show evidence of lice. After treatment, a complimentary re-check will be scheduled approximately 3 and 7 days from initial treatment, depending on the infestation.

If all the necessary and precautionary steps are followed, and you can provide evidence of lice within 30 days after the recheck – that is NOT new contact, we will “de-lice” you for free!

All family members, housekeepers and/or babysitters must be checked for this guarantee to be valid.

Upon request, DeLiceful will provide you with a certificate evidencing you have successfully been deliced   and properly treated for head lice, and now able to return to school, camp or other activities totally free of bugs and nits.