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Got Lice… What Do You Do??

First of all…. you don’t PANIC!  You don’t freak out!  When you hear the term ‘head lice’, you might immediately start scratching at your head. The fact is, though, that this malady doesn’t discriminate and it certainly doesn’t affect only one group of people. The first thing you do… after you pour yourself a glass of wine… is COMMUNICATE!  You must tell friends, family members, neighbors, teachers, etc…  anyone that your family has come in contact with in approximately the past 2 weeks.  Yes, that’s probably at a minimum of how long you had lice before you discovered these human parasites in your head and/or your child’s head.  Sit down with your glass of wine and shoot off an email blast to EVERYONE you could think of that lice have arrived.  There is NOTHING to be embarrassed about.  At DeLiceful, we tell all our customers that if celebrities such as:  Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Robert Pattinson…  just to name a few… can get on national TV and announced they just finished tackling their head lice headaches, well then, we could at least tell our friends & family that we have head lice too.  At DeLiceful, we try and educate our clients about the true facts of head lice and at the same time, erase the stigma associated with lice.  So bottom line…  there’s nothing to be embarrassed about having head lice.  Just ask Heidi Klum!

And when, and if, head lice strikes, call DeLiceful.  DeLiceful is Long Island’s leading expert on head lice treatment and removal. We make a scary situation DeLiceful in our 3 state-of-the-art, child-friendly lice removal salons located in Bellmore, Great Neck and Hauppauge, New York.  When you leave the DeLiceful salon… you leave lice free…  guaranteed!  Visit our website @ for more info about New York’s #1 Premier Nit Removal Company.