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What are Lice?

Lice are insects but with a serious attachment issues. They are parasitic and feed off of human blood. While annoying and incredibly irritating, only the body louse is capable of spreading disease. The two other types of lice; head louse and pubic louse, merely spread irritation, paranoia, revulsion and horror.

I may be exaggerating but lice carry a social aura that make infestation very depressing. The good news is there are many treatments, some over the counter. You can get rid of lice. You might not be able to get rid of the memory that you had lice.

Lice are not that easy to get, unless you are in conditions where there is a lot of close person-to-person contact. None of the three types of lice can hop or fly. Their only way into your life is to crawl. Dogs, cats or other pets do not play a role in transmission.   If you get lice, look around. You got them from someone very near to you.

Lice are very small, move very quickly and try to avoid light. Finding them is sometimes very difficult. Confirmation of an infestation can be determined by finding their eggs, or nits. You may need a magnifying glass to see the live ones crawling about but their eggs are visible to the naked eye. These look like dandruff, hair spray droplets or dirt particles but if you see them within a quarter inch of your scalp, chances are you have an infestation.

Adult head lice are only 2 – 3 mm long. They attach themselves to the head and neck area. They lay their eggs at the base of hair shafts. These hatch into nymphs and then young louse.

When dealing with head lice, the best way to get rid of lice for once and for all, is with a professional nit picker like DeLiceful, where non-toxic, pesticide-free products are used and results are guaranteed in their state-of-the-art salons located across Long Island.

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How to Prevent Lice

Lice are irksome and icky, but it is not like they are an infectious disease. With mindfulness and some precautions, lice can be avoided. Besides being very small, they cannot hop, jump or fly. So the only way they can crawl into your life is by direct contact. That can be a person or child who has lice or some piece of clothing or other items that are infested.

Knowledge is power, so keep an open ear to the situation around you. Listen for warnings about lice being found at your child’s school or camp. Speak with your neighbors about what is going on in the community. Word of a lice outbreak is very hard to contain so if they are nearby, you won’t hear them (lice do not make any noises) but you will hear everyone talking about it.

If you do find out about an infestation, avoid direct contact with those infested and all of their belongings.

If you have children going to school or camp, teach them to avoid direct head to head contact.

It is always preferable to know your enemy. Be on the lookout for the early signs of lice. The most common symptom is itchiness in and around the back of the head. In many children, the only way to be sure is a visual inspection. Lice can be living and laying eggs for over two weeks on your child’s scalp before any symptoms occur.

If you suspect lice, wash your hair with a shampoo and use a conditioner. This makes it easier to comb through and examine the scalp and the base of your hair’s roots. Use an extremely fine toothed comb and a bright light. Lice are very quick and avoid light but their eggs, or nits are attached to the base of the hair. Especially examine the back of the head, the neck areas and behind the ears.

There are several over the counter hair products with chemicals designed to kill lice, but do not use them to prevent an outbreak. They are harsh and will damage your hair. If you have lice, call a professional such as DeLiceful immediately. They will remove your head lice headache in just a few hours, using non-toxic products, pesticide free, all while enjoying the comforts of their state-of-the art salons in Bellmore, Great Neck, Smithtown and Eastport – servicing all of Long Island with guaranteed results! They make a scary situation DeLiceful!

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While Hollywood movies make us believe in superheroes and super villains, the truth is there are no super lice. Reports on TV about a 25 state outbreak of poison resistant lice are hype. While some types of lice have adapted to the shampoos and treatments available over the counter, all types of lice are easily removed from heads and household when using the proper tools and methods.

Of all the parasites out there waiting to do us harm, lice actually don’t. Everyone is freaked out if lice hitchhikes into your home, but their bites do not cause fevers nor illness.

Discomfort? Yes.

Disgust? For sure.

Disaster? Not really.

The lice themselves are weak little creatures. Even the adult ones are small and hard to see. They can’t fly or jump. They only can move if they are walking on hair. They have the ability to spread because of people. Little people. Kids are very socially silly people. They bump heads and wrestle around. They actually act their age and that is why lice like them so much.

There are many ways to get rid of lice. Wives’ Tales say you can use olive oil, mayonnaise – are you making a salad??

Others look to over-the-counter products. These are mostly pesticides and never really work. Rid and Nix will if anything, just kill an adult bug. They will not kill the baby bugs called nymphs nor while they kill the eggs (nits). These poisons are not effective on those and within days or weeks, the lice will be in full bloom.

To truly get rid of lice, professional services have been established. DeLiceful is a state-of-the-art salon designed solely to get rid of the lice. The kid friendly environment makes the few hours of treatment go quickly. Insurance companies frequently pay for the service so seeking professional, effective relief is a no brainer. DeLiceful is an expert in getting rid of your head lice headache once and for all.

There is nothing super about lice. They are the same lice that have been around for centuries! People are finally realizing after spending tons of money on over-the-counter quick fixes, that head lice are resistant to these products. If you get them, get rid of them. Or better yet, get the professionals, like DeLiceful for a clean bill of health.

DeLiceful has 4 state of the art salons on Long Island in Bellmore, Great Neck, Smithtown and Eastport where they make a scary situation DeLiceful!!

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Lice Treatment Options should lead you to a Salon Setting

When it comes to lice removal there are three main options.

You can do it yourself, which could lead to doubts about whether you used the right removal product, preformed the proper technique of application, or if you were actually 100% successful.

You could use a mobile lice removal service, but is your home conducive to provide the type of atmosphere and lighting to succeed? Do you really want to be picking bugs and nits from your child’s head at your kitchen table?

The third option, and the one we consider to be the best, is to have the lice removed at a professional and certified (omit the highlighted words) lice removal salon.

There are numerous reasons to have head lice removed in the clinical and spotless (omit) setting of a salon. Here are our top three:

  1. Unlike the use of home head lice remedies or counting on a mobile service without their own facility, a salon is a brick and mortar business. You know where they are located if you have a treatment issue. At salons like DeLiceful they offer a guarantee that you will leave the salon lice free after undergoing a non-toxic, pesticide free treatment.
  2. Lice treatment, especially for children can cause them undo anxiety – and some parents, too! By receiving treatment in a salon children will find a welcoming atmosphere with amenities such as flat screen TV’s, movies, munchies, iPads and more. The treatment time will fly by!
  3. As we mentioned earlier if you try home treatment you most likely do not have the expertise to know if you were totally successful. An extended ordeal at home can be accomplished in approximately just two hours in a salon setting with all nits and bugs removed.

Only a professional lice treatment & removal salon such as DeLiceful can give you the peace of mind that your family member will return home both stress and lice free!

We make a scary situation DeLiceful!

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Treating Head Lice… The Right Way

You got the call. You saw the nits. You started research. And now you need to decide how are you going to get rid of this head lice, fast.

The first step I tell all of my Deliceful clients is: DO NOT PANIC

Head lice may show up at your door step unannounced but that does not mean you need to put out the welcome mat. And you certainly don’t need to stress out.

The second step is: DO NOT BE EMBARASSED

There is nothing to be embarrassed about when head lice strikes.  Everyone is susceptible to getting head lice and it is no reflection on how clean you are as a person. Supermodel Heidi Klum recently went on national television and told the world (and Ellen DeGenneres) about her latest incident with lice.

The third step is to find a reputable lice treatment company – just like DeLiceful.

When you come to a DeLiceful lice treatment salon, you are going to a state-of-the-art, child friendly treatment center.  At DeLiceful we have salon chairs that adjust and are precisely situated under LED lighting.  We provide children with iPads, movies, munchies & much more.  The DeLiceful environment is so much better than treating a case of head lice at your kitchen table, while the telephone is ringing and the doorbell is buzzing, and dinner is cooking on the stove.

Find a company that has the following key points:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Flat rates
  • Uses non-toxic products – all pesticide free
  • Uses a strand-by-strand method of checking AFTER the initial comb-out
  • Provides FREE recheck appointments

Our friendly staff is trained in the removal of head lice, and perform a strand-by-strand head lice removal method. Choosing a professional lice removal service can take care of the problem and help educate parents on how to prevent re-infestation. When clients leave our DeLiceful head lice treatment salon, they can rest easier knowing that we have done everything possible to ensure they are lice and nit free. We make a scary situation DeLiceful!

To learn more about how to get rid of lice or how to properly treat a head lice infestation, call DeLiceful at 516-590-7888 or visit our website at

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LICE: Ugh… the 4-Letter Word We Hate


Lice… it’s the word that when heard, gets every parent in a tizzy. After your hands stop shaking, they immediately go for the head and start scratching. But that’s almost a natural reaction to when the word LICE is said.

So what happened… did you get the note home from the school nurse saying “Lice is here!”? Did your sister call to say, “Check the kids’ heads because their cousin has it”? Or did you happen to notice your child scratching like a monkey? Whatever the case may be, now you have to be Perry Mason and go look for evidence of head lice.

What is head lice? Head lice consists of bugs which is a louse and nits which are the eggs. You had to have a bug in order to get head lice. Yes, that’s right… something had to lay those eggs (nits) that are attached to the hair. Sometimes it’s very hard to see evidence of lice with the human eye unless it’s a severe infestation. So how about grabbing grandpa’s magnifying class and taking a look at the head?? Ahhh… better, right? See anything crawling? How about something as small as a sesame seed attached to the strand of hair?? Try blowing it off… if it blows off the hair then mostly likely it’s just dandruff. You can’t blow it off; well, it could be a nit.

When you go to a professional head lice removal & treatment company such as DeLiceful, we call looking for evidence of lice a head check. You never just start treating anyone until you are sure there is lice. Why waste your time and money – just because you are in panic mode – treating head lice when it could be just a bad case of dandruff. Not sure what you are seeing, take pictures of what you think could be lice, and contact a reliable head lice treatment company such as DeLiceful. We constantly have people texting and emailing us pictures of what they think could be head lice.

Okay, so let’s say it is a confirmed case of head lice… what do you do next? Don’t just run out to the nearest drug store and buy every toxic product you find on the shelf! No… don’t waste your money. The over-the-counter products, such as Nix and Rid, are filled with pesticides. Do you really want to put a toxic, pesticide on your child’s head?? I don’t think so. Especially since that pesticide, if anything, will only kill an adult bug. That pesticide will not kill the nits (eggs) nor will it kill the baby bugs called nymphs. Plus the comb in those kits is worthless! An ant can crawl through those combs! The comb is designed that way so that you keep buying more and more of that over-the-counter pesticide. You need a good metal professional lice comb that has grooves in the teeth just like the DeLiceful Lice Comb. With the DeLiceful Lice Comb you can remove about 80% of the infestation just from combing. Yes, that’s right 80% — not a 100% — because after the combing you still aren’t done.

When you go to a professional nit picker like DeLiceful, we section your hair and comb with our metal lice comb; then we dry your hair and go through the hair strand-by-strand wearing magnifying glasses 10x our eyesight. We can see every little spec in your head. We can see the glitter that’s left over from your kid’s school project! Did you know that a baby bug, the nymph is actually just a spec? It is dot that you make with a #2 pencil – that’s how tiny it is. So you actually would miss it by just looking at it with the human eye. Some other so-called “lice companies” don’t go the extra step and go through the hair strand-by-strand. And that’s so important!!

We know that not everyone can afford to go to a professional lice removal company such as DeLiceful. If that is the case, at least use non-toxic, pesticide free products such as DeLiceful’s De-Licing Kit. Inside our kit, we have step-by-step instructions that illustrate how to properly treat a head lice infestation. You can also visit our website at to watch a video showing you we treat in our DeLiceful child-friendly salons so that you can do the same in your home.

Still got questions about head lice? Not sure what you are seeing or how to treat head lice? Call DeLiceful any time – day or night – and we will be able to educate you and at the same time, calm your worst fears… because we make a scary situation DeLiceful!

Email pictures to:

Text pictures to: 917-744-0718

Call us at: 631-724-7444 or 516-590-7888


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Got Lice… What Do You Do??

First of all…. you don’t PANIC!  You don’t freak out!  When you hear the term ‘head lice’, you might immediately start scratching at your head. The fact is, though, that this malady doesn’t discriminate and it certainly doesn’t affect only one group of people. The first thing you do… after you pour yourself a glass of wine… is COMMUNICATE!  You must tell friends, family members, neighbors, teachers, etc…  anyone that your family has come in contact with in approximately the past 2 weeks.  Yes, that’s probably at a minimum of how long you had lice before you discovered these human parasites in your head and/or your child’s head.  Sit down with your glass of wine and shoot off an email blast to EVERYONE you could think of that lice have arrived.  There is NOTHING to be embarrassed about.  At DeLiceful, we tell all our customers that if celebrities such as:  Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Robert Pattinson…  just to name a few… can get on national TV and announced they just finished tackling their head lice headaches, well then, we could at least tell our friends & family that we have head lice too.  At DeLiceful, we try and educate our clients about the true facts of head lice and at the same time, erase the stigma associated with lice.  So bottom line…  there’s nothing to be embarrassed about having head lice.  Just ask Heidi Klum!

And when, and if, head lice strikes, call DeLiceful.  DeLiceful is Long Island’s leading expert on head lice treatment and removal. We make a scary situation DeLiceful in our 3 state-of-the-art, child-friendly lice removal salons located in Bellmore, Great Neck and Hauppauge, New York.  When you leave the DeLiceful salon… you leave lice free…  guaranteed!  Visit our website @ for more info about New York’s #1 Premier Nit Removal Company.

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Scratching for a Head Check

Did you get the school note home…  “LICE IS HERE!  Check your child’s head”.   Maybe or not yet…  but we have been treating children and adults for head lice in the following areas:  Merrick, Hauppauge, Smithtown, Port Jefferson Station, Forest Hills, Roslyn, Manhasset, Garden City, Levittown, Massapequa….  so call Long Island’s leading expert on head lice removal and treatment,  DeLiceful… for a professional head lice check.  We guarantee no more lice…  no more scratching!

Call today 516-590-7888 or 631-724-7444

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Head Lice: Busting the myths so we can nab those nits

Myth #1 – Nits are easy to see
Unless a child has a severe infestation, head lice can be extremely difficult to spot.

Myth #2 – My child isn’t scratching so she doesn’t have head lice
Only about 40% of people with head lice will have an itchy scalp.

Myth #3 – Dirty hair attracts head lice
Head lice doesn’t care if your hair is clean or dirty, curly, straight, black, blonde, dyed or natural – lice don’t discriminate.

Myth #4 – Head lice fly and jump
No lice actually crawl.  They crawl 9 inches in one minute.

Myth #5 – Pets can get head lice
Lice feed only on humans.  They are a human parasite.  Pets have their own issues with fleas and ticks.

Myth #6 – Your house can get infested with lice
Lice can’t live for more than 24/36 hours off the scalp.  All you have to do in your home is change your sheets, pillow cases, clean pajamas and towels… that’s it!

Myth #7 – You need to use a pesticide shampoo to get rid of lice
Shampoos such as Nix and Rid, will only kill an adult bug, if anything.  The pesticide shampoo will not kill the baby bugs called nymphs nor will it kill the nits (eggs).

Myth #8 – You can get head lice from sharing a hat or helmet
You only have a 5% chance for getting head lice from sharing a brush, helmet, hair clip, etc.  Lice is spread by head-to-head contact.

Myth #9 – Using gel and hairspray prevents head lice
Not true…  hair gel and hairspray actually separate the hair and make it easier access for lice to get to the scalp.  Lice do not like the scent of mint.  Use DeLiceful’s Mint Spray as a repellent daily.

Myth #10 – Only kids get head lice
Lice don’t care if you are 2 months old or 98 years old!  Anyone and everyone can get head lice!


Scratching for more answers about head lice, call DeLiceful today @ 516-590-7888 or 631-724-7444!  Visit our website

We make a scary situation DeLiceful!












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Grand Opening – Our 3rd DeLiceful location!

The words “your child has lice” may make a parent gasp but for someone like Kathy Zappulla of Smithtown, it can also propel you towards a very busy business of nitpicking. “Seven years ago I got the dreaded phone call that no parent wants. My daughter had lice and it spiraled my family into a state of panic,” Zappulla remembers. But eventually when the panic subsided, Zappulla saw an opportunity to help others and became one of Long Island’s leading experts on the insects and created the brand DeLiceful.

“I understand the fears and frustrations associated with a lice infestation, I’ve lived it and DeLiceful is here to provide families with a safe, effective method to completely eliminate lice, guaranteed,” says Zappulla who is proudly opening her third location in Bellmore this week (the other two salons are in Great Neck and Hauppauge). “We are happy to be able to provide our clients with their choice of 3 convenient locations servicing the South Shore and North Shore of Long Island in Nassau County, and then our Suffolk County location.”

DeLiceful’s method incorporates the use of special enzyme based lice shampoo that is organic, all natural and pesticide free. DeLiceful never subjects their clients to the harmful toxic chemicals that can be found in over the counter lice treatments. After the pesticide-free lice shampoo, DeLiceful thoroughly eliminates head lice strand-by-strand, then check, and re-check every hair on the child’s head one strand at a time. DeLiceful’s Long Island lice treatment salons are comfortable, offering many amenities, such as movies, iPads and snacks to keep families occupied and happy throughout the process.

“Lice happens but panic doesn’t need to follow. My salons are here to make a scary situation DeLiceful,” says Zappulla.
For more information go to