We’d Be DeLighted to “De-Lice” You!

We all get the note home from the school nurse: LICE IS HERE!! What do parents do?? We go into full blown panic mode! We consider cutting our child’s hair, home schooling them or just up and moving to another town. But Moms and Dads don’t have to panic anymore.

The idea of DeLiceful was conceived soon after lice showed up unannounced and unwelcomed for an extended stay with our family. Before you knew it…neighbors, friends, aunts, cousins were ALL infected! Panic set in…parties were cancelled!

Thank you for visiting DeLiceful, New York’s Premier Nit Pickers & Head Lice Removal Service. Our website is dedicated to dispelling the myths about lice and the head lice treatment process. We understand the fears and frustrations associated with head lice infestation, and we’re here to provide families with a safe, effective method to completely eliminate lice, guaranteed. We’re proud to provide professional head lice removal products and solutions to Long Island families in our comfortable salon style facilities. Our friendly staff is trained to perform strand-by-strand head lice removal. If you are looking for places to remove head lice, Deliceful has 4 convenient locations!

Our method incorporates the use of special enzyme based lice shampoo that is organic, all natural and pesticide free. We never subject our clients to the harmful toxic chemicals that can be found in over the counter lice treatments. After our pesticide-free lice shampoo, we utilize the strand-by-strand method to thoroughly eliminate head lice strand-by-strand. We check, and re-check every hair on your child’s head one strand at a time. Our Long Island lice treatment salons are comfortable, offering many amenities to keep families occupied throughout the process.

FIRST RESPONDERS get discounts on lice treatments and FREE PRODUCTS with treatment.

It appears that outbreaks in day care centers and schools are becoming more and more prevalent. Unfortunately, lice are getting increasingly better at adapting to and resisting chemical treatments available by prescription or over the counter. Choosing professional lice removal services can take care of the problem and help educate parents on how to prevent re-infestation. When clients leave our head & hair lice treatment salon, they can rest easier knowing that we have done everything possible to ensure they are lice and nit free. We turn a potentially horrifying experience into a DeLiceful one. To learn more about how to get rid of lice, please call us to make an appointment anytime.


Excellent!  Very thorough!  Couldn’t have asked for better service in removing head lice!  DeLiceful knew what they were doing!  DeLiceful got me right in when I called in a state of panic.  Their cute little cottage in Great Neck was so clean and their staff was so professional.  DeLiceful eased all my fears while getting rid of the lice in my hair and my daughter’s.  At first I was contemplating tackling this task on my own — don’t know what I was thinking.  We left DeLiceful in 2 hours lice free!  What a relief!  Thanks to DeLiceful we are lice free and very well educated on how to avoid getting head lice in the future.
Gina of Glen Head
April 24, 2016

If you are dealing with the horrors of head lice, contact DeLiceful today. We make a scary situation DeLiceful!

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